2012 Game Day Threads

Chargers vs. Browns: 4th Quarter Game Thread


The Chargers connected on a field goal with just over three minutes to play in the third quarter, trimming Cleveland's lead to 7-6. Heading into the fourth quarter, can Cleveland hold on for the win?

Chargers vs. Browns - 3rd Quarter Game Thread


Inside of two minutes, the Chargers marched down the field to set up a field goal for Nick Novak. Novak connected from 43 yards, making it a 7-3 Browns lead heading into the half.

Chargers vs. Browns - 2nd Quarter Game Thread


A couple of plays later, Trent Richardson took a handoff up the middle and was helped to the end zone for 26 yards by offensive guard Shawn Lauvao, giving Cleveland a 7-0 lead. The Browns' defense...


Chargers vs. Browns - 1st Quarter Game Thread

The weather is pretty gloomy today as the San Diego Chargers come into town to take on the Cleveland Browns. With the Chargers having beaten three bad teams and lost to three high-caliber teams,...

TNF Open Thread: Buccaneers vs. Vikings


Tonight, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will take on the Minnesota Vikings for Thursday Night Football. This is a relatively compelling matchup for me, because the game features two teams that I haven't...

MNF Open Thread - Lions vs. Bears


Tonight, I'm taking the Bears to come away victorious. I won't go on another Jay Cutler rant, but their defense has been the real deal, and Detroit's offense has not delivered like I expected them...

SNF Open Thread - Steelers vs. Bengals


Are you still sick about the Browns' 17-13 loss to the Colts earlier? Yep, me too. And now, for Sunday Night, we get to watch the Steelers take on the Bengals (puke). Maybe our pain can be eased a...

Browns vs. Colts - 4th Quarter Game Thread


The Browns had a great opening drive in the second half, capped off with a 33-yard TD connection from Brandon Weeden to Josh Gordon, making it a 14-13 Colts lead. The Colts scored a FG on their...

Browns vs. Colts - 3rd Quarter Game Thread


The Browns scored a touchdown early on in the second quarter, but a botched extra point still made it a 7-6 Colts lead. The Colts marched down the field again and capped their second drive with a...

Browns vs. Colts - 2nd Quarter Game Thread


The Colts have a 7-0 lead heading into the second quarter, but the Cleveland Browns are right at the goal line. Will the Browns be able to tie it up?

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