2012 NFL Draft

King: No One Knows What the Browns Are Doing at No. 4


According to Sports Illustrated's Peter King, it's not just "fans" or analysts who are having a tough time projecting what Cleveland will do.

SB Nation Writers NFL Mock Draft: First-Round Complete (Cleveland Browns Picks)


My ideal scenario was to get a receiver and a right tackle. When I was on the clock at No. 4, Justin Blackmon remained an easy pick for me. At No. 22, though, all of the top offensive linemen were...

Browns Reportedly Showing an Interest in LB Vontaze Burfict


Perhaps we should qualify his name with troubled linebacker Vontaze Burfict. Per ESPN Cleveland's Will Burge, the Cleveland Browns might be interested in the linebacker from Arizona State with one...

Todd McShay's Fifth Mock Draft: Multiple Scenarios for Browns


With about two weeks to go before the draft, ESPN's Todd McShay released his fifth mock draft of the year. This time, he put a different spin on things -- for each pick, he included a write-up on...

DBN Draft Player Profiles (Sign Up)


Last year, Dawgs By Nature member Roger Dorn encouraged users to create and post draft profiles on specific players. With the draft coming up in a couple of weeks, I thought it might be a good idea...

Tracking the Cleveland Browns 2012 Draft Interests


It's time for the second edition of our "Tracking the Cleveland Browns Draft Interests" feature. A total of 14 players were added since the last edition, and three other players added an "x" to one...

Report: Trent Richardson Imposter Was Tweeting


Those tweets were made over a span of four days, which made it seem like Richardson really wanted to be a Brown. While that still might be the case, that belief should not be dependent on those...

Mel Kiper's Fourth Mock Draft: Guard Over Tackle for Browns


Kiper's pick at No. 4 overall might not come off as a surprise, but what about who he has the Browns drafting at 22nd overall?

Todd McShay's Fourth Mock Draft: Changes for Browns


Maybe you're not surprised by the pick of Blackmon, and Cleveland definitely needs a right tackle. Is 22nd overall too early for what appears to be a disappointing Mike Adams?

Cabot: Browns to Meet With Tannehill, and Offensive Line Updates


Cabot also had two tweets related to the offensive line: one regarding the vacant starting right tackle position, and the other about one of our former guards.

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