Pre-Combine Mock. Rip it to shreds

I figure everyone at this time of year begins to feel like a GM. Here is what I would do if I was in Heckert's position. I guesstimated on the exact numbers of a few of our late round picks.

4th overall: Justin Blackmon: The knock on him is that he isn't a burner, the good news is Pat doesn't send our WRs on deep routes anyway. Has sure hands and a nose for the end zone. Pairing him with Little could give DBs nightmares.

22nd overall: Whitney Mercilius: Pass rushing DE that makes plays in the backfield and can force turnovers. Like Sheard has a nonstop motor and this would give us a young, terrorizing DL.

37th: Chase Minnifield: A tie to the past and also a great corner. Solid tackler, good footwork and timing, good in Zone or Man. And would allow us to move Sheldon to Safety ( peace out Mike Adams). Our pass D was already good, adding him and Mercilius will make it superb

68th: LaMichael James: He could become our Deron Sproles. I hate Oregon. I hate their gimmick offense but this guy has burst. At worst he becomes a KR/PR and helps us move on from Cribbs. At best the guy becomes the pass catching speed demon out of our backfield. He could rise up the draft boards with a big combine though.

100th: Audie Cole: Linebacker who is athletic and has experience as a 4-3 OLB. Good in coverage and in run support but needs work on pass rushing. Playing in the Senior Bowl so watch for him to possibly climb boards as well.

119th: Tony Bergstrom: RT from Utah who did not allow a sack all season. Hopefully we upgrade RT through FA but if not this guy could be a steal.

131st pick: Jarius Wright: WR. Burner. Pure speed and that's all that needs to be said about this kid. Major project and needs to add a bit of size but he will almost always be the fastest guy on the field.

164th: Russell Wilson: The Mike Holmgren special of a late round QB.

213th: Jaye Howard: Massive DT out of Florida. Not amazing speed but for his size moves well. Could spell Taylor and Rubin.

247th: Philip Welch K. From Phil Dawson to Phil Welch. Its a Kicker. Not much needs to be said.

This is a fan-created post. Dawgs By Nature assumes no responsibility for the content listed.

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