Am I the only content Browns fan?

How often in years past have we watched the Browns play the Steelers or the Ravens and we would think to ourselves we really have no shot! I have watched everygame since DirecTV came out with the Sunday Ticket and I have to say that the last few games of the season I felt like we were as good as each team that we played.

I find it really hard to believe how much whining goes on about Heckert and Holmgren. Maybe this is my eternal optimism that I have had since my first season as a browns fan in 1980 when I was 8 years old. But let us take a look at what we have done draft wise. in the short time H and H have arrived. I believe we have hit some real home runs.

Joe Haden has real cover skills despite not having any interceptions this year.

TJ ward. I love Ward but he seems to really have let off the gas since getting fined for laying out Jordan Shipley. He is definietly ferocious and hopefully he continues his rep as a hard hitter.

Jabaal Sheard. Complete animal and I think he will be on of the top ends in the NFL years to come.

Phil Taylor. Hes got game. He may have evened out for a couple games but he came on strong the last few games. Seeing him run with the ball against Houston was priceless.

Greg Little also came on strong at the end. I think we needed to cut him some slack after not playing in 2 years. I think he has a bright future.

Buster Skrine was a real gem in the late rounds of last year. His 4.29 40 yd dash helped keep wallace in check that last game.

Colt McCoy. Im not sold on Colt at all but I have no problems with taking College footballs winningest QB with the 72nd pick. Not a waste of a pick by any means

I dont see any real weak links in any of their picks in the last 2 years. Injury prone Hardesty maybe, Owen Maricek maybe. Compare that to the picks of the previous couple years and we are doing really well. If we dont keep Hillis I say we draft Richardson and if we do keep Hillis I think we can take Blackmon.

And how about Chris Gocong. Since the day he signed his extension with us he has played like a monster. I dont mind our 4 and 12 record because I think we had a good year....Maybe not in the win loss column but what could you really expect. A new Offense and a New Defense, new coaches and no real training camp. I think the only thing Holmgren did wrong was keep mangini (and sign Jake Delhome) for the extra year, then again how do you fire someone on a 4 game winning streak. At least his pride didnt get in the way of letting go of DelHomme or Mangini.

We are in the toughest division in the NFL. All you haters out there talking like you know more than Holmgren or HEckert. Time takes time. It will come!

This is a fan-created post. Dawgs By Nature assumes no responsibility for the content listed.

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