Week 5 UDBNFL Review

7 Simmsinns (Jon Stinchcomb) 92.82 vs 5 Brownie the Elf (emily522) 112.56

Summary: A stong game from Percy Harvin helped to life Brownie the Elf over Wes Welker and Simmsinns.

Game High Points: Percy Harvin 23.60 (Brownie the Elf)

Surprise of the Game: No major surprises in this game. Eli Manning, Julio Jones, and Jamaal Charles all surpassed their projections for Brownie the Elf.

Most Disappointing Performance: Maurice Jones-Drew scored only 5.90 points for Simmsinns.

Notables: Not much of note in this game, so I’ll share Simmsinns’ Smack Talk;

Oct 3: “I'm really starting to like my team. As long as MJD doesn't regress.”

Oct 7: “DAMN YOU MJD! #@R!#R CF”


1 Midway Mayhem (The New Kardiac Kids) 76.60 vs 10 Weeden Adderall (SpecialBrownie) 131.56

Summary: Midway Mayhem fell from #1 in the UDBNFL as he suffered the biggest blowout of week 5 to Weeden Adderall.

Game High Points: Ahmad Bradshaw 26.90 (Weeden Adderall)

Surprise of the Game: Tony Gonzalez isn’t young anymore, but he can still play. He scored 18.30 points for Weeden Adderall.

Most Disappointing Performance: Andre Johnson had just 1.50 points for Midway Mayhem.

Notables: Weeden Adderall should feel bad that 49.90 of his points came from Ahmad Bradshaw and Victor Cruz, though he would have won even without those two playing.


2 WV Brownies (Kimble_79) 74.74 vs 3 Patty’s Battlers (FrenchToast979) 87.30

Summary: Reggie Wayne’s monster game for WV Brownies wasn’t enough to overcome Demaryus Thomas, James Jones, and Patty’s Battlers.

Game High Points: Drew Brees 29.60 (Patty’s Battlers)

Surprise of the Game: Reggie Wayne’s 27.20 points is the obvious answer. Honorable mention to James Jones’ 16.60 points.

Most Disappointing Performance: Darren Sproles and BenJarvus Green-Ellis combined for 5.30 points for Patty’s Battlers. Greg Little (WV Brownies) failed to score at all.

Notables: RGIII was hurt early for WV Brownies, scoring only 4.34 points while Andrew Luck scored 29.88 from the bench. Randall Cobb had 14.20 points of WV Brownies’ bench as well. Steven Ridley’s 19.10 points on the bench were not needed by Patty’s Battlers.


4 Now I’m Done (StuckInPa) 126.90 vs 11 Crazy 88 (Gabe Durrant) 80.18

Summary: Now I’m Done won with three players scoring more than 19 points while Crazy 88 had only two players score over 10 points.

Game High Points: Peyton Manning 24.70 (Now I’m Done)

Surprise of the Game: Ryan Mathews scored 19.90 points for Now I’m Done.

Most Disappointing Performance: Jordy Nelson scored only 2.90 points for Crazy 88. Chris Johnson (Crazy 88) continues to disappoint, scoring only 0.90 points.

Notables: Crazy 88 had 4 players fail to break 6 points. Now I’m Done only had three below 10 points.


6 RandallPFloyd QB (Bross09) 79.18 vs 8 130lbs of Kosar (Brownie’s Year) 70.14

Summary: Michael Crabtree (130lbs of Kosar) impersonated an NFL WR, scoring 17.30 points, but that wasn’t enough to counter the 28.0 points scored by Chi Def for RandallPFloyd QB.

Game High Points: Chi Def 28.0 (RandallPFloyd QB)

Surprise of the Game: Clearly the 28.0 point defense, but we’ll credit Michael Crabtree scoring 17.30 points for 130lbs of Kosar.

Most Disappointing Performance: Many, but we’ll say both QBs as Cam Newton (130lbs of Kosar) scored 7.84 points and ben roethlisberger (RandallPFloyd QB) scored 9.68 points.

Notables: RandallPFloyd QB had 5 players combine for 15.6 points. Santana Moss had 14.0 points on the bench for 130lbs of Kosar.


9 Pitchin’ A Trent (Browns town) 115.36 vs 12 Stig-o-sauruseseses (Stigosaurus) 83.52

Summary: Marques Colston’s 31.10 point Sunday night ruined Stig-o-sauruseseses’ chance to get his first win.

Game High Points: Marques Colston 31.10 (Pitchin’ A Trent)

Surprise of the Game: Colston. Also Rashard Mendenhall (Stig-o-sauruseseses) with 16.10 points in his first game back.

Most Disappointing Performance: Brandon Lloyd and Fred Jackson scored 3.40 points each for Stig-o-sauruseseses.

Notables: Antonio Gates continues to disappoint, scoring only 1.90 points this week for Stig-o-sauruseseses. Trent Richardson and Owen Daniels both had strong games for Pitchin’ A Trent.



1 4-1 Now I’m Done

2 4-1 Patty’s Battlers

3 4-1 Brownie the Elf

4 3-2 Midway Mayhem

5 3-2 WV Brownies

6 3-2 RandallPFloyd QB

7 2-3 Pitchin’ A Trent

8 2-3 Weeden Adderall

9 2-3 Simmsinns

10 2-3 130lbs of Kosar

11 1-4 Crazy 88

12 0-5 Stig-o-sauruseseses


Week 4 Matchups (Rank, Team, Yahoo projection*)

1 Now I’m Done (109.10) vs 2 Patty’s Battlers (53.10)

3 Brownie the Elf (88.02) vs 7 Pitchin’ A Trent (83.76)

4 Midway Mayhem (89.10) vs 12 Stig-o-sauruseseses (93.02)

5 WV Brownies (103.30) vs 8 Weeden Adderall (82.60)

6 RandallPFloyd QB (56.39) vs 11 Crazy 88 (77.93)

9 Simmsinns (81.70) vs 10 130lbs of Kosar (70.63)

*Projected points as of the writing of this page.

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