2014 Super Bowl Cleveland Browns vs. Detroit Lions.....

I'm already tired of reading mock draft posts, and the mundane arguments of RGIII vs. Colt McCoy, Blackmon vs. Trading Down, trading up, Peyton Mannings likely landing place, Matt Flynn's value, and free agency is still a couple of weeks away. Getting old already, and it's only February. So, when I read the quoted posts below in another thread it inspired me.

What if the Browns finally did reach The Promised Land in say, 2014? That's the year The Super Bowl to be held in the new Meadowlands Stadium. It's only a straight-shot 8 hour drive from Cleveland, and New York City is one hell of a town to party in. I chose Detroit as an opponent only because I thought it would be kind of cool for both towns to end their Super Bowl drought together. I'm sure the networks would not be amused.

So, the Browns are finally in the Super Bowl.......

What do you do?

Well, if you are J.W. you..

Crap my pants , then strip down and run the Vegas Strip before the Heart Attack or the Cops could catch me.

If you are Dawg Nuts?

My plan is to sit and sob tears of joy, wearing nothing but my Joe Thomas jersey, until the following morning.Then I’m driving to Cleveland.

Me? After the initial shock wore off and I was finally able to stop crying tears of joy, I'd get down to business. I told my wife long before we were married that I had a credit card with a very high limit and no balance earmarked for just this occasion. I still do. I intend to use this card for every Super Bowl related expense that can be dreamed of. I'm talking no inhibitions, no sensor, no little guy in a white gown with wings and a halo sitting on one shoulder - just the little horned version with the pitchfork on both shoulders - chanting "Party-Party!". I'm talking about good tickets inside the 40's, the Playboy pregame party and the Maxim post-game. Limo service and First Class air. I'm "all in" baby!

Now it's your turn. What would you do?

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