Browns Big Board

Lets talk Big Board. With all the draft talk out there, debating who we take when and where as well as how much we will give up to get there or gain by dropping back, we have not yet addressed the actual ranking of player we want to see in a Browns Uni in 2012.

Lets get right too it...

1. Andrew Luck QB: Okay, so big surprise right? Nope, but the truth is...

1. Robert Griffin III QB: No that's not a typo. I actually think it a coin toss between Luck and Griffin. I think both will have successful NFL careers, but the difference will be the system each plays in. I think Luck will become the Aaron Rogers or Peyton Manning type QB with a strong pocket presence where as Griffin will become successful in a system that allows him to utilize his extreme athletic abilities... like Michael Vick or Tim Tebow (except with a passing game).

3.Justin Blackmon WR: He is the best in a great class of WRs in 2012. With WR being the biggest hole on the roster this pick is easy if the other two players are off the board when we pick.

4. Morris Claiborne CB: He isn't quite as highly rated as Patrick Peterson from the 2011 draft but I think he would be just about as good as Joe Haden. If none of the players above are on the board at our pick and there is no possibility to move down in the draft Claiborne would be the smartest pick for our roster.

5. Quinton Coples DE: Like Claiborne, Coples would be the smartest pick for our roster if the players above are gone. Coples would be a awesome bookend to have on a very young and talented DL, one of the brightest areas for the Browns in the near future.

6. Courtney Upshaw OLB: Again Upshaw would be the next wisest choice if the above players are gone. He would instantly improve our LB core.

7. Ryan Kalil OT: If Kalil is still available at the 7th pick or beyond and we have an opportunity to draft him we cannot pass on his talents even though this is a ridiculously high pick for an RT. Even though many other teams would have him rated much higher the Browns should not justify picking him above the 7th pick because of who else is available and because of our bigger needs.

8. Alshon Jeffery WR: This is where I probably lost some of you... And I'm not sure about it either. There is concern about Jeffery's work ethic and there is reason to believe he could drop severely in the draft possibly out of the first round all together. If he does drop I think we still look at the best WR available here whether it be...

9. Kendall Wright WR: or... (he will be a good WR with great speed but I think our true No. 1 WR has to be a little bit taller)

10. Michael Floyd WR: Even though he is a diva I think we still need someone with potential to be a No. 1 WR. He is worth the risk here.

I'll stop here... I think we'll have a better idea who the FO likes after the combine at the end of the month... but it's another way to think about the draft since we have some time to kill. Feel free to talk about how you think the Browns Big Board looks or what you think H.H.&S. have in mind. Don't be afraid to tear mine to pieces... after all this is just my opinion.

Mods: Feel free to move this Fanpost to the Draft talk thread if you want.

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