My bottom five: '11 Browns starters.

These are the first 5 starters I want to see an upgrade over. I view them as top priority but not quite in the same order. Offense first. (Assuming the Browns can re-sign Hillis and DQ.)

22. Scott Fujita (WLB): Somebody has to be at the bottom. Nothing personal Fuj. It's "Strictly Business". He looked quite slow to me in '11. Maybe the 3-4 is better for him. Seemed more interested in shaking the hands of tacklers, rather than making tackles. I'm undecided, leaning towards not, on Kaluka Maiava as a replacement.

21. Shawn Lauvao (OL): Failed to meet, already low, expectations. With a healthy Steinbach, his replacement is already on the roster. However, I am interested in adding another pro-bowl potential lineman to the right side. Adding another lineman also acts as a back up plan, in case Steiny is a 'no-go'. I like Glenn and Decastro a lot in the draft. But if an equal caliber lineman can be obtained else where, I'm fine with that. If Pinkstons expectations were the lowest of the lineman, that would be highly-impressive. (Then, if McCoy fails in '12, we won't need 3 years to evaluate the next QB. If he succeeds, expectations for the offense go way up.)

20. Mike Adams (FS): Not a great tackler and doesn't appear to have a 'strong' nose for the ball. I thought he was in the wrong place at the wrong time more often than the other starting DBs. His replacement may already be on the team. There's a couple decent prospects in the draft. Worse case scenario, let him go and bring Elam back. Otherwise, re-sign him to a 1 year deal.

19. Mohamed Massaquoi (1WR)**: Also failed to meet expectations, again. His replacement MUST be a true #1 with all-pro caliber potential.

18. Sheldon Brown (RCB): I like him but there is quite a bit of talent coming out at his position. An young equally talented CB to play opposite of Lil' Joe could only be seen as a good thing.

Notable mentions: 17. Jayme Mitchell (RDE): Expecting Marcus Benard to, at the very least, compete for 'chunks' of playing time. 16. Depth (Everywhere). 15. Colt McCoy (QB): I have depth before McCoy because if we need to draft a QB next year, it may be expensive to turn a top 10 into a top 3.

I don't know if they can upgrade all 5, plus depth, for the '12 season, but I see no reason why H&H can't address most of them. I'm fine with retaining any of these guys for depth (not so much for Lauvao). They would be an improvement there. (MoMass for R.Windsor anyone?)

**My #1 priority.

This is a fan-created post. Dawgs By Nature assumes no responsibility for the content listed.

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