The Other Guys

Ok, I want to start with acknowledging the existence of RG3. Yes I love the guy, you love the guy, grandma loves the guy, with that said, and it isn’t a sure thing that he will be our next quarterback. Recently I have seen that the Redskins are willing to give up their 1, 2, 3, and next year’s first to move up, which I find to be absurd. If Washington offers that, I really don’t foresee H&H matching it, unless St Louis prefers to take less and move down only two. So can we agree that it may not be wise as a fan to put all of our eggs in the RG3 basket because there is a chance we are disappointed in something still positive?

I want to make a post for some purely quarterback speculation and talk about the rest of the guys, ie no RG3. I know I personally would like to have some backup plans and be knowledgeable about more than Robert Griffin.

I'll start

Colt McCoy

I love his work ethic, I love his leadership, I love that it seems like he wants to be here and bring us a winner. I think that he shows some potential, he has a lot of intangibles and after blowing me away in his rookie season and the locked out offseason, he really disappointed me this season. He had no off season to grow into the new offense and new coaches and he had some of the worst weapons a quarterback can have along with a shotty line. Those things taken into mind, maybe he didn’t play as bad as it seemed. However, I want a winner and I want a QB that blows me away every Sunday and I don’t think Colt can be that guy. I see other quarterbacks make throws that I didn’t know could be made and I don’t think Colt can throw them either. Do you really see him as Drew Brees, or do you see him more like Marc Buldger or Trent Green, guys who have had success, but nothing special.

Matt Flynn

I admit that I don’t know much about Flynn, besides his electric day against Detroit, his sold day against New England, and the fact that he beat up my Buckeyes. Generally speaking, backup quarterbacks who play well on a great team don’t usually succeed on their new teams. Matt Cassel has been average, Kevin Kolb had a pretty useless year, Matt Schaub however, has found success. So probably, he looked so good because his team was so good and teams didn’t have film on him. But, Mike Holmgren as found success two separate times with two different quarterbacks whom were both backups previous to joining him. Flynn, regardless, is an intriguing idea. Maybe there is another backup H&H have their eye on they throw a cheap trade at.

Kevin Kolb

In an attempt of Heckert to make the Browns more of Philadelphia East, he could go after his old project, Kevin Kolb. I know Kolb as the guy who is good enough to be starting somewhere but he hasn’t shown me anything. His weak year in the desert makes me question his talent even more. So I ask if his lack of production is because of the system or because of his mediocrity. I can see Heckert throwing some picks Arizona’s way and bringing his guy back, and I can only hope he can find the talent he is supposed to have in a system he belongs in.

Brock Osweiler

I know less about Brock, than the others, but I do know he has great size. I would love a quarterback with his size, but after watching some YouTube, I don’t like his throwing motion and his accuracy is suspect.

Ryan Tennehill

If I didn’t hear about Tannehill before draft season, he must be no good.

Brandon Weeden

Too old. Weird to think of a draft pick as a rental.

Jason Campbell

I never really saw him as a good quarterback and disapointed will be an understatement if he is brought in to start, Homgren will have to sell him hard for me to beleive. Might as well throw in Mcnabb here.

Kirk Cousins

Nick Foles

So what do you guys think? Are there any other guys I missed? Are any of these guys better than Colt? Will the FO bite on any here?

Note for the pole: If you don't want RG3 or he isn't your first choice, pick your dude anyways and you should explain in the comments why! <- (happy exclamation point)

This is a fan-created post. Dawgs By Nature assumes no responsibility for the content listed.

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