Big Mack 2012 Browns Mock Draft Edition 2.0

Welcome to my second edition of the Browns mock draft. There are some changes from last time. With not getting RG3 I decided to make the next version of this because there isn't anymore speculation with trading up.

1. Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma State- No RG3. That's fine the #2 pick was too expensive anyway. The Browns can just stand Pat(Shurmur?) and take Blackmon. It's going around he ran a 4.5 40 so that to me solidifies him at #4 because speed was a concern.

1(22.) Courtney Upshaw DE Alabama- Adding a DE should help the Browns get pressure more quickly which will make Haden look even better. Plus Haden will probably look better regardless

2. Doug Martin RB Boise State- Doug Martin is my favorite 2012 draft prospect. His running skills are very versatile. He is quick and does not shy away from contact. In fact, from what I've seen, he creates contact. I think him with Jackson would be a great tandem. Plus, we can still throw Hardesty in to for him to try not to be a bust. His last chance though.

3. Brandon Weeden QB Oklahoma State- At first I saw the age of 29 on this guy and thought there was no way I'd want him. But, then I saw that Flynn is 27, and really what is the big difference between two years? Especially for a Quarterback, especially a Quarterback that is just now coming out of college. We'd get at least 4-5 years out of him if he's good.

4. Brandon Mosley OT Auburn- The Browns need another tackle for the right side. Tony Glass-shos is hurt too often and it affects his play. It doesn't really matter who it is at this point, as long as its not John St. Turnstile.

4(119.) Nigel Bradham OLB Florida State- The Browns could go into next season with our current linebackers so I threw this guy in here at #119

5. Will Blackwell OG LSU- The Browns need more guards.

6. Jerrell Young S USF- Safety depth

7. Cameron Chism CB Maryland- CB depth

Important Cuts or non-re-signs:
RB Peyton Hillis- He isn't worth what he thinks he is. I've shown here how easily an RB who doesn't produce is replaced
OG Eric Steinbach- Injury questions, getting older and the rest of the Browns are getting younger.
WR Mohamed Massaquoi- He sucks at this point. I'm labeling him a bust.

S Mike Adams- Adams was pretty good. Not great but slightly above serviceable.
CB Dimitri Patterson- I think he was a great pickup last year that we should hang on to.

Free Agent Signings:
OG Carl Nicks- Getting Nicks is FA priority #1 now for me. Solidifying a guard spot is what we need. Put him with Pinkston and the inside of the line looks good.
WR Pierre Garçon- He would be the best fit for the Browns I think. Fast, fairly inexpensive, its perfect
RB Tim Hightower- Hightower had some issues last year, but I'm willing to look past them for now. The Browns would do well to get two RBs with letting Hillis go.
QB Kyle Orton- Adding a veteran will help. I don't really know exactly what to expect, but having 3 Quarterbacks in training camp who have played in the NFL or are a bit older and smarter can only be better than just Colt McCoy.

This is a fan-created post. Dawgs By Nature assumes no responsibility for the content listed.

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