The Final Word.

Well Ok, not THE final word - just my final word on this whole "RGIII thing.

I'm sure nobody out there is keeping track of my comments but I can save you the time in searching them if you feel so inclined. I can assure you that over the last few weeks I have never said "we have to get RGIII no matter the cost", nor have I ever said "Why make a huge trade for a guy that could bust". I haven't made a comment advocating trading up, trading down or otherwise. I've just read, watched, and waited.

That is not to say I don't have an opinion. I most certainly do. I just figured in all the fervor it would be lost on most people. Now, if anything, maybe my opinion would help the healing process for some of the severely injured "jilted lovers" (DN!) out there.

Here are the beliefs that I've held through the whole process that have kept me from getting too swept up - or feeling let down;

Mike Holmgren is highly regarded in the NFL as a Quarterback "Guru". Whether you "The Fan" agrees with that or not is inconsequential to me. Long respected people in the NFL believe this. Good enough for me.

Coach Shurmur - for all the grief he's caught as a head coach thus far - served as an NFL Quarterbacks coach for Donovan McNabb during his Pro Bowl and All Pro Years - and as the OC during the season that saw Sam Bradford win the Rookie Of The Year award. Impressive.

Add Brad Childress to this group. How about having a guy that was coaching Offense and QB's around the time that Coach Shurmur was graduating High School assisting in the decision making for our Browns? A multiple time OC, QB coach and NFL head coach sitting in the same draft room with Shurmur, Holmgren and......

Tom Heckert. You know, just the guy that helped build the Eagles into a team that went to 4 straight NFC Championship games and a Super Bowl.

If all four of the aforementioned decided to pull a Ditka and offer our entire draft for RGIII, I'd support the decision. By the same token, if they would have decided to stand pat and not make any offer for a trade, I'd nod in agreement and wait to see what the next move will be. With excitement, anticipation and bated breath. No, not because I'm some blind, following sheep - but because these guys know football to a depth that I can't even pretend to understand. Even the best football minds on this board couldn't hold a candle to one of these four - and I don't believe that any one of them would honestly look you in the eye and say that they could. If anyone would like to argue that point, feel free - but you'll immediately lose any respect and credibility in my eyes. None of us knows football - at this level - like someone that has devoted their life's work to it. Period.

Bottom line is this; I've been doing what I do for a living for almost 20 yrs. If I put any one of the Browns brass in my office for a week and asked them to make the decisions I'm faced with every day, chances are they'd get a few right. They also would likely get a lot wrong - just due to a complete lack of knowledge and experience. That's because I'm confident that I know my job, and roughly a half a million people in the United States do what I do for a living every day.

That's a far cry from the 32 people in the world that are talented enough to ascend to each of the positions held by our guys in Berea. 32 NFL Head Coaches, GM's OC's, Presidents - etc. These guys are good enough to get one of these jobs. Think about that.

I know our recent sports history makes it hard for us to have any kind of trust, but there is reason to believe that good times are to come. We do finally have the people in place.

Go Browns!

This is a fan-created post. Dawgs By Nature assumes no responsibility for the content listed.

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