Tough Decisions Ahead...

My thoughts on free agency, after listening to 92.3 the fan for 2 days about 12 hours a day, and also just being an avid BROWNS fan.

I knew Heckert said they wouldn't go crazy in free agency, but I truly expected them to get at least ONE serviceable veteran receiver in free agency. While I don't think any of the receivers outside of Vincent Jackson or Brandon Lloyd (who was old) were really legit #1's we need something.

RG-III: I'm over it, believe me. I was as big on RG III as anyone, before his bowl game I was already turning all my family members into believers, and I am truly upset we didn't snag the 2nd pick, but the whole time I really was hoping we could just snag him at #4 anyway, I wouldn't have given up 3 first round picks for him, even believing he had a good shot at being good. He isn't Cam Newton, He isn't Cam Newton. BY THE WAY, I loved Cam last year and his potential, but as much as ESPN is on his nuts, can we just realize he himself hasn't lived up to anything yet?

Eric Winston, RT, Texans: Why we didn't go after a guy in his mid 20's and prime of his career who is nothing but a class act, I have no idea. I would have loved for us to go out and get this guy. Let's face it, offensive linemen in the draft are a wash outside the first round, they really are. For every second or third round offensive lineman who ends up playing great, there is 6 that sit on the depth chart for their entire careers.

The problem with not getting RG III:

Basically, other then Flynn who, we won't give a 50 million dollar contract to, there is only Tannehill and Weeden left in the draft. Which are both SECOND ROUND grade QB's. Tannehill measurable wise is sexy, he ran a 4.5 40 time, which was faster then Cam Newton/Luck and a bit slower then RG III, but he is 6'4! So I can see how a selfless guy who played reciever on game day to help his team, who has great potential, speed, and size can be tempting. But honestly, he is so far from being ANYTHING, he is very close to Jake Locker for me, which is scary do we want a taller Jake Locker drafted?

What's worse: I fear Heckert could stretch and draft Tannehill in the top 10, even if we move down. Weeden is fine, but he is 28, and I wouldn't bother taking him for higher then a second round pick, and still feel he just isn't the guy.

The #4 Debate:

For me, you have two options here: Do you want, a hall of fame runningback, or pro bowl reciever? Because I feel Trent Richardson has the stuff to be a **** diesel hall of fame RB if he stays motivated. Blackmon has the potential to be an AJ Green/Pro Bowl type guy. I know we run the West Coast, but with the depth at defensive line, if we draft Richardson could we become THE POOR MAN'S NEW YORK GIANTS? A pass rush/run team? I mean, Trent would put fan's in the stands, and if we go receiver with the 22 we can still help colt.

The OLB Elephant in the room:

If we go Receiver or RT in the top of the rounds and get tempted with whoever is the best player available at #4, where does OLB come in? Because we haven't gotten an OLB in free agency yet, and we desperately need someone. I think we need to cut Scott Fujita, and get a free agent OLB for depth with some speed. I honestly felt WR and OLB were our #1 needs in the draft, but LB seems to be weak this draft.

What I would do:

Cut Scott Fujita, Sign Winston at RT, sign a OLB at Depth (FA)

#4 Trent Richardson

#22 Stephen Hill - I know this guy is unproven, but he comes from the same system as Calvin Johnson, and his speed is elite. He could be a Wallace/Brown type guy the Steelers have for us.

Second round: Pass Rush OLB/another Reciever.

Like people have said: Our offense has been WAYYYYYYYYYYYY too predictable. If we get Richardson we can have a great run game behind Thomas/Winston/Mack and pound our AFC North opponents, our defense will be solid, and we will have a speed weapon for colt to throw to. Little should be improved, and could crack 1,000 yards this year as a reciever.

End rant.

This is a fan-created post. Dawgs By Nature assumes no responsibility for the content listed.

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