Don't put all your eggs in one basket..... 2 for 1 = Value

I know this is a little long for the draft thread. I hope you do not mind that I post this on its own.

My main focus of thinking is? I am thinking "2 for 1." I first started with Richardson, who we know can run and catch. But then, I scratched that, even if he is a tremendous talent. "2 for 1" is play the position you have experience in that the Browns need you to play, and also have experience at another position. My main focus was then blocking, and most (important) not just from the OL. Then came speed but also speed was a factor all along. I just made sure they were not too slow for the men they would be blocking for. The line men are smaller but not too small and can move well. That also bodes well for a WCO. Strength was then important for what is speed without strength? If you can get there with no punch, what is the point? As you will notice I am opting for speed and strength. That bodes well for a WCO Not too small of size for receivers, for you have to go over the middle in the Black and Blue Division. Mohamed Massaquoi for example. Everyone saw the hit. Never was the same. Too small in our division to go over the middle in my opinion. You will get hurt. I am glad he is OK.

Last but not least. Injury reports. It's football, and of course everyone gets dinged up.
Big guys with knee issues, red flag. little guys with tendon issues, red flag. and
injured running backs? Well thats why you pick them later. Cleaning up Manginis mess
is finally turning the corner.(and it was a mess i watched him in NYC with the Jets
and threw my Cleveland hat at the tv when they said Cleveland picked him up as a
coach. Nothing personal to the local man but he was not a good coach for the Jets
either. I knew what was in store for all in Cleveland and I was powerless to do
anything) That was not a good day for years. But one thing Cleveland does not do is
give up. Stay strong brothers and sisters. Cleveland Rocks.

I've learned a lot recently and this would be a cool job. Hope my business
flourishes, i invent something, or win the lottery.
"Day dream think I'll buy me a football team."~P.F.
I really hope H&H draft this way. 4 new receiving targets, 4 new blockers included,
a Strong D and a QB for healthy competition.

My dream draft for my hometown Cleveland Browns is as follows...

#4 Justin Blackmon, WRF, Oklahoma State
Big sign. Receiver wanted! Best receiver on board. Take him. Browns want to run a
WCO and that starts with the pass.

#22 Zach Brown, OLB43/WILB , North Carolina
There are lots of receivers. Don't overkill and lose out on Zach. A Pass rush
intensified with the recent signing of Frostee Rucker. Youth with the ability to
cover. top notch OLB solidifies stop the run against Ray Rice! and others. The rush
will help Haden and Co. I'll take him hands down.

#37 Orson Charles, TE, Georgia
a 2 for 1 deal. Colt McCoy has a new best friend. Blocking, and receiving. both
needed. 2 TE sets in WCO with did I say blocking skills. Not afraid of contact. Big
man. The dui thing in GA is "road block city" we all have poor judgement occurences.
He was barely over the limit he should have been let go. .09 i think it was. That is
approximatelty 1 to 1-1/2 beers for me. The officer has the discretion to let him go.
who drinks 1 beer anywhere? That is if you drink at all. I'll take him hands down.

#68 Bobby Massie, ROT/LOT, Mississippi
a 2 for 1 deal. Blocking ROT with experience at LOT. Good movement to get outside in
a WCO, with Strength to pack a punch.

#101 Brandon Washington, OG/OC Miami (FL)
a 2-4 for 1 deal. All around Blocking G package with speed to pull outside. Played
all over the OL. versatile. I've heard he played all these positions g,c,lt,rt.

#119 Robert Turbin, RB, Utah State
A 3 for 1 deal. Blocking, Catching, Running. All three needed in a RB to run a WCO.
Fast, Strong, can catch. Turbin fits the bill for Cleveland. A little dinged but he is a RB.

#132 Tommy Streeter, WRF, Miami (FL)
Speed, stretch the field. Big, catch in traffic in WCO system. Paired with Blackmon,
deadly. Now if the other WR's can contribute and not drop passes. Dropped passes,
thats on the receivers coaching staff. If it keeps happening I hope they will be
replaced. No excuses. You are professionals and this is a business.

#165 QB? Foles, best available
Take a pick. Colts going to to well if H&H can draft these players. George Foreman
says," I gaurantee it." I agree with the Walrus. googoogajoob. Draft a QB in late
rounds. Who know maybe find a Brady? The system works. We just needed some players.

#196 DB? FB? Asa Jackson, CB, Cal Poly
Speed and strength, sleeper pick. Extra DB's are a good thing these days and Jackson I think would be a good grab if he is here this late. or a FB pick on competition/replacment of Marecic,


new Mock 2 with no trades…
1. Indianapolis (2-14)Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford
2. Washington (5-11) (from St. Louis)Robert G III, QB, Baylor
3. Minnesota (3-13)Matt Kalil, OT, USC
4. Cleveland (4-12)Justin Blackmon, WRF, Oklahoma State
5. Tampa Bay (5-11)Morris Claiborne, CB, LSU
6. St. Louis (2-14)Michael Floyd, WRF, Notre Dame
7. Jacksonville (5-11)Melvin Ingram, OLB34/DE43, South Carolina
8. Miami (6-10)Riley Reiff, ROT/LOT, Iowa
9. Carolina (6-10)Michael Brockers, DT43/DE34, LSU
10. Buffalo (6-10)Luke Kuechly, WILB/SILB, BC
11. Kansas City (7-9)David DeCastro, G Stanford
12. Seattle (7-9)Quinton Coples, DE43/DE34, UN
13. Arizona (8-8)Courtney Upshaw, OLB34, Alabama
14. Dallas (8-8)Dre Kirkpatrick, CB, Alabama
15. Philadelphia (8-8)Dont’a Hightower, SILB/OLB34, Alabama
16. New York Jets (8-8)Nick Perry, DE43/OLB34, USC
17. Cincinnati (from Oakland)Janoris Jenkins, CB, North Alabama
18. San Diego (8-8)Whitney Mercilus, DE43/OLB34, Illinois
19. Chicago (8-8)Mark Barron, SS, Alabama
20. Tennessee (9-7)Fletcher Cox, DT43/DE34, Mississippi State
21. Cincinnati (9-7)Trent Richardson, RBF, Alabama
22. Cleveland (from Atlanta)Zach Brown, OLB43/WILB , North Carolina
23. Detroit (10-6)Stephon Gilmore, CB, South Carolina
24. Pittsburgh (12-4)Cordy Glenn, OG/ROT, Georgia
25. Denver (8-8)Jonathan Martin, LOT, Stanford
26. Houston (10-6)Kendall Wright, WRS/WRF, Baylor
27. New England (from New Orleans)Dontari Poe, DT34/DT43 , Memphis
28. Green Bay (15-1)Devon Still, DT43/DE34 , Penn State
29. Baltimore (12-4)Jerel Worthy, DT43, Michigan State
30. San Francisco (13-3)Peter Konz, OC/OG, Wisconsin
31. New England (13-3)Alshon Jeffery, WR, South Carolina
32. New York Giants (9-7)Mike Adams, ROT/LOT, OSU

33. St. Louis (2-14)Bobby Wagner, OLB43/WILB, Utah State
34. Indianapolis (2-14)Coby Fleener, TE, Stanford
35. Minnesota (3-13)Reuben Randle, WR, LSU
36. Tampa Bay (5-11)Andre Branch, DE43/OLB34, Clemson
37. Cleveland (4-12)Orson Charles, TE, Georgia

Please say why or why not you would draft a first round OLB talent? and any other ideas?

Go Browns

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