So While We're Both Waiting In Line....

What's up Dawgs? Tampa Bay fan in the house. I joined a few days back and have been lurking, trying to get a sense of where your heads are at re the draft. We're going to be drafting right next to each other all the way down the line, so our choices will likely directly impact the others' choices- especially in the first round. So I thought it might be interesting to get a fan read and some back and forth going.

What's interesting to me is that y'all seem to have a strong majority in favor of Blackmon, with Richardson and Claiborne advocates out at the edges and Tannehill universally derided. Over at Bucs Nation there's a healthy...(cough)...debate raging between Claiborne advocates and Richardson advocates. Every time we've polled the question it comes down about 70/30 in favor of Claiborne, but the Richardson faction is very vocal. And of course, we have a lot of folks dreaming about trading down- which is a vague possibility for y'all but, I'm beginning to accept, a pipe dream for us. BTW, I'm still interested in learning the Jedi mind trick that allowed you to talk Atlanta into that Julio Jones trade.

It seems from my perspective that the "Richardson to Cleveland" trope is gaining steam over the past week or so. From a selfish standpoint, this is good: I'm in the Claiborne camp. From an objective outsider perspective, Richardson does seem like a good choice for Cleveland: he's a more versatile offensive weapon than Blackmon, you don't really have any other RBs in your stable, and the WR class is deep enough that you could find a WR with your second pick who's almost as likely to succeed as Blackmon. On the other side, I do get the arguments against: RBs are lower value in the draft and drafting a top 5 back is a waste of position, etc.

A couple questions for you:

1. The Vikings' interest in Claiborne: total smokescreen is my read, but you guys would be the major beneficiaries if they followed through (Arizona would be banging down your door with a trade-up offer). Thoughts?

2. After Richardson, there's a pretty steep drop-off in perceived draft value for RBs. Y'all are (obviously) on the market together with us. How many do you think go in the first two rounds and who/where?

3. Blackmon certainly looks promising, but I have a hard time looking at him and thinking "top 5 pick". What am I missing?

4. If it's any solace, I think the Redskins overpaid and will still be in the basement a year from now, RG3 or no. Are they the easiest team to hate aside from the Cowgirls?

5. I think Miami is on the drug that made their city famous if they burn a top 10 pick on Ryan Tannehill. Does anyone disagree/think the Browns should go after him?

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