DBN All-Time Browns Bracket


Dawgs By Nature is holding a tournament throughout March to determine the greatest Cleveland Browns ever. It's going to be madness. The winners of each round will be chosen by you. The bracket will be revealed on March 11 and the first round of voting will begin a few days after. The first step is to narrow the field to 64 contenders. We need your votes to decide who gets in as well as the seeding. The vast majority of the contenders are former or current Browns players, but coaches and other prominent Browns figures are eligible too. This will be the ultimate showdown among the best, or even most awesome people ever to be associated with the historic football franchise known as the Cleveland Browns. Only one will win the title: "DBN All-Time Browns Bracket Champion" aka The Greatest Cleveland Brown of All-Time (according to DBN).

After the jump there are 80 suggestions, many of which are obvious and others that might be considered on the bubble. You get to decide who makes the cut. You can start now by ranking them in this survey.

UPDATE: I added the automatic qualifiers that were nominated in the comments below. I will continue to update those as they come in.

Obviously, this is a Browns twist on the NCAA's March Madness tournament to determine the Division I Men's Basketball championship. In the next month, and as we've seen already, the NFL draft is going to dominate the discussion around here. I thought this would provide a nice occasional break from that. Not that there's anything wrong with draft talk, but it can sometimes become tiresome to debate the same RG3/trade up points over and over again.


The criteria for this tournament can be anything the DBN reader wants it to be. Greatness on the field doesn't have to be the only deciding factor. Perhaps you feel that Romeo Crennel in all his jolly glory should earn him at least a 10 seed, or maybe you think that'd be a travesty. You decide. If you've already ranked those in the survey, feel free to use this thread to debate who you think should or shouldn't make it in and why.

The following are the 80 Cleveland Browns figures that are currently in the running (in a very loose order):

  1. Jim Brown
  2. Ozzie Newsome
  3. Paul Warfield
  4. Otto Graham
  5. Paul Brown
  6. Joe Thomas
  7. The Cleveland Browns Fans
  8. Lou Groza
  9. Dante Lavelli
  10. Leroy Kelly
  11. Marion Motley
  12. Len Ford
  13. Frank Gatski
  14. Bobby Mitchell
  15. Clay Matthews
  16. Bill Willis
  17. Mike McCormack
  18. Joe Delamielleure
  19. Gene Hickerson
  20. Mac Speedie
  21. Bernie Kosar
  22. Hanford Dixon
  23. Frank Minnifield
  24. Michael Dean Perry
  25. Brian Sipe
  26. Joe Haden
  27. Ray Renfro
  28. Greg Pruitt
  29. Phil Dawson
  30. D’Qwell Jackson
  31. Josh Cribbs
  32. Kellen Winslow
  33. Braylon Edwards
  34. Kevin Johnson
  35. Eric Steinbach
  36. Alex Mack
  37. T.J. Ward
  38. Jabaal Sheard
  39. Ahtyba Rubin
  40. Webster Slaughter
  41. Gary Collins
  42. Bob Gain
  43. Dick Schafrath
  44. Mike Pruitt
  45. Frank Ryan
  46. Tommy James
  47. Don Cockroft
  48. Earnest Byner
  49. Jim Ray Smith
  50. Jerry Sherk
  51. Kevin Mack
  52. Doug Dieken
  53. Eric Metcalf
  54. Dub Jones
  55. Jim Houston
  56. Walt Michaels
  57. Bill Glass
  58. Horace Gillom
  59. Warren Lahr
  60. Paul Wiggin
  61. Walter Johnson
  62. Cody Risien
  63. Milt Morin
  64. Brian Brennan
  65. Dave Logan
  66. Shaun Rogers
  67. Phil Taylor
  68. Tim Couch
  69. Colt McCoy
  70. Al Lerner
  71. Blanton Collier
  72. Romeo Crennel
  73. Derek Anderson
  74. Peyton Hillis
  75. Jamal Lewis
  76. Joe Jurevicius
  77. Jerome Harrison
  78. Leigh Bodden
  79. Eric Wright
  80. Sheldon Brown

Automatic qualifying comment nominations:

  1. Eric Turner
  2. Jim Donovan
  3. Marty Schottenheimer
  4. Sam Rutigliano
  5. Thom Darden
  6. Chip Banks
  7. Leroy Hoard
  8. Dawgs By Nature
  9. Lawrence Vickers
  10. Bob Golic
  11. The Dawg Pound
  12. Anthony Pleasant
  13. Vince Costello
  14. Tom DeLeone

Note: The order of the automatic qualifiers does not reflect the bracket seeding.

If you feel that this list snubbed anyone specific, feel free to nominate that person in the comments. If the comment gets enough recs, they could still make it on the bracket.

*Please rec this FanPost so it will stay at the top and people can continue to provide their opinions on who should make it in up until Selection Sunday.

This is a fan-created post. Dawgs By Nature assumes no responsibility for the content listed.

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