Does Manning Open The Door to Other QB's?

Peyton Manning is going to be signed to a new team within the next week, hopefully. We are not contenders for him, nor do I think that we should be, but a few of the serious contenders are the Denver Broncos, the Arizona Cardinals, the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Miami Dolphins. A few other mentioned names are the Washington Redskins, the Houston Texans, and the New York Jets.

I think that we can rule out a few of these teams; The Texans (cap space, plus Matt Schaub is very serviceable), The Jets (No way that Manning would step into this situation, plus playing the Pats twice a year?). I don't even see the Redskins of the Cardinals very likely, since he is presumably looking to stay in the AFC, plus the Redskins are a trainwreck in a very difficult division. But how about these other teams? What would this do to their current quarterback situations?

Denver Broncos -- Elway has openly expressed doubt about Tebow time and time again. I personally don't fully understand it; the kid is proven that he can win, and he's working hard to become better and better. Plus he is a superstar in that community, but if anyone can replace Tebow without a revolt, it would be future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning. Add him with this receiving corp, solid offensive line, and scary good defense, and this is a Super Bowl potential team. He is visiting them today, and they are my favorite to land Peyton Manning.

But what would this mean for Tebow? I find it hard to believe that they would hang onto him, since they have expressed that he isn't their quarterback of the future. I also don't think that Tebow would stick around, even if they wanted him to. So how would you feel about landing the 4th quarter specialist? He's a playmaker, and it's worth noting that he knocked the Steelers out of the playoffs.

Arizona Cardinals -- I think that this is a bit of a long shot, but they have a decent, two-word sales pitch. Larry Fitzgerald. The (arguably) best receiver in the game, who has consistently gotten the job done, even with sub-par (minus Kurt Warner) quarterbacks. Beanie Wells has turned into a serviceable RB, and Manning has expressed liking Early Doucet. Plus, look at what the Cardinals did to revive Kurt Warner's career.

If this happened, they would most likely part ways with Kevin Kolb, due to cap issues. This would be a bit of a blow, due to the price that they had given up to receive Kolb. Heckert drafted Kolb, and has inquired about trading for him several times. He calls him the "prototypical west-coast quarterback". He understands it well, and he does have a great arm. But he has had some health issues, and even lost his job temporarily to a few girl scouts last year. So how would you feel about landing Kolb?

Washington Redskins -- I have already mostly ruled this out; it's an NFC team, in the same division as his brother, and a trainwreck of a front office. But I just want to dream for a second....this would take the Redskins out of the running for RG3, and this would increase our chances that he would drop down to us at #4, allowing us to keep both of our 1st round picks, AND get the guy that we want.

But it's not going to happen. Sorry guys.

Kansas City Chiefs -- The Chiefs also have an interesting sales pitch; Dwayne Bowe, Jamaal Charles, a half-decent, young defense. They also have a solid fan base, a big checkbook, and a history of spending on older, star Quarterbacks. But Matt Cassel would be the best-scenario payoff for us, and I don't see him as a viable (or wanted) option.

Miami Dolphins -- Basically the same story as the Chiefs here; Brandon Marshall, Reggie Bush, a much-improved defense. However, this is still playing the Patriots AND the Jets twice a year, and I don't see that selling well to Manning. The best payoff here is an unsigned Matt Flynn, or the Dolphins' Chad Henne or Matt Moore, and I'll pass.

New York Jets -- Manning has already expressed disinterest in the Jets, and playing in the same city as your brother just doesn't seem like a great fit. This would result in a Mark Sanchez payoff as best, and I would rather bring back Ken Dorsey.

Houston Texans -- This would be a scary good fit. Arian Foster, Andre Johnson, Owen Daniels, I'm still hoping that the Texans make a push for Mike Wallace as well. Add Manning to this mix, and that's the best offense in the league, hands down. But there's no cap space for this to happen. Texans fans can dream, however. Plus, an available Matt Schaub would be very attractive for a QB option.

So I'm saying that the front runners here are the Denver Broncos. So how would you feel about some Tebow-mania, as a Browns fan? Could you build a franchise around Tebow and the core group that we have here? Or do you wait it out and see if the Redskins feel impatient and open up their checkbooks on one of these guys? Maybe this will even make the price for Matt Flynn cheaper.

Maybe I missed a potential suitor, so tell me what do you think? Could the Peyton Manning signing benefit the Browns with another QB option? Or could it help us to achieve the goal of RG3?

What do you think?

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