DBN Draft Player Profile ~ Coby Fleener TE Stanford



Coby Fleener - TE Stanford

Year - Rec - Yds - Avg - Lng - TD

2011 - 34 - 667 - 19.6 - 62 - 10

2010 - 28 - 434 - 15.5 - 58 - 7

2009 - 21 - 266 - 12.7 - 42 - 1

2008 - 13 - 176 - 13.5 - 32 - 0

Height - 6'-6" - Weight - 244 lbs.

Pro Day results:

40 yard dash - 4.45 seconds

Vertical leap - 37 inches

Broad jump - 9'-8" (116 inches)

Bench press - 27 reps (combine)

Coby Fleener vs Notre Dame 2011 (via JMPasq) (Sorry if video is choppy,don't know how to fix that.)

Strengths & Weaknesses Stanford TE Coby Fleener -- At 6'6/241, Fleener put on a clinic with a 4.45 forty and 37" vertical while standing on his 27 bench reps from the Combine. After four months, Fleener's high ankle sprain suffered in the Fiesta Bowl was said to be 90 percent healed. From an outside perspective that is a long timetable to return to full health, but it was a positive sign that Fleener fully participated in the workout after slipping in the three-cone drill. Fleener can stretch the field from the in-line position or out in the slot as a Joker, but Fleener is far from complete. He is a willing blocker with excellent length but has not shown an ability to consistently win in one-on-one situations at the line of scrimmage. Fleener overextends far too often, but blocking is one of the easier skills to obtain especially for a willing player. Where I stop short of comparing Fleener to Rob Gronkowski is his toughness at the catch point. Fleener allows smaller defensive backs to out-position him at the catch point and has not yet learned to effectively use his size. He is not a revolutionary prospect since he rounds his routes like most tight ends, but Fleener is a likely first-round pick with an amazing set of traits to build on. (Source:

Case For Fleener is an up and coming prospect who has shown a lot of potential at the TE position, a hidden need for the Browns. His speed and size is a great aspect for him and the Browns could line him up at reciever at times, kind of like a better-hands and faster Evan Moore (a former Stanford receiver as well). A TE is also a valuable asset for a growing QB in a West Coast Offense. His willingness to block is a great asset because the Browns need blockers at any position to try to develop the run or give our QB time to throw the ball.

Case Against Fleener is a great prospect, but other teams are seeing that as well so he would probably have to be used with the 22nd pick. In my opinion that is a little high especially with more pressing needs like WR, OL, and RB. Another thing; even though he is willing to block doesn't mean he is great at it so that would mean having to develop him into that kind of TE if that's how the Browns would intend to use him.

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