2012 Draft WR Grades: Cleveland Browns WCO

After careful film study, I've graded this year's class of wide receivers according to how they project for our offense. Due to the high percentage of short and intermediate routes run in our offense, I placed a premium on the ability to gain separation, quickness, and run-after-the catch ability. You will find that a few players have moved either up or down compared to overall WR rankings. This is mostly due to whether or not they possess the aforementioned traits, because the ability to be effective in all the routes that we run carries great value. Kickoff and punt return ability has not been directly factored in.

The grades and the order in which players are listed reflects my evaluation for their fit with the Browns' offense. The number reflects my overall ranking in terms of their perceived value across all 32 NFL teams and their average potential effectiveness in all NFL offenses. Just to make it clear, this is not a prediction of where these players will be drafted or how well they will do in the NFL, it is an evaluation of their potential effectiveness in our offense specifically, i.e. how well they would do in Browns jerseys. This is based on their game film with special emphasis placed on the characteristics I highlighted previously.


WR1 = effective on all routes, threatens defense through quickness and speed

WR2 = effective on all routes, threatens defense through combination of size, strength, and quickness

WR0 = lacks enough size and strength that he may have to stay in the slot

WRx = lacks enough quickness that it limits his effectiveness on short and intermediate routes

#####WR Draft Board - Browns#####

1st round grade

1. Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma St, WR2
2. Michael Floyd, Notre Dame, WR2
3. Kendall Wright, Baylor, WR1
4. Stephen Hill, Georgia Tech, WR1

2nd-3rd round grade

9. Brian Quick, Appalachian St, WR2
7. Chris Givens, Wake Forest, WR1
10. Juron Criner, Arizona, WR2
11. Greg Childs, Arkansas, WR2

4th round grade

15. Chris Rainey, Florida, WR0 (also RB)
18. Joe Adams, Arkansas, WR0
19. T.Y. Hilton, Florida International, WR0
20. Devon Wylie, Fresno St, WR0
6. Alshon Jeffery, South Carolina, WRx
13. Marvin Jones, California, WR0
12. Rishard Matthews, Nevada, WRx

5th round grade

14. Nick Toon, Wisconsin, WRx
16. A.J. Jenkins, Illinois, WR0
21. Jarius Wright, Arkansas, WR0
5. Rueben Randle, LSU, WRx
22. Tommy Streeter, Miami (FL), WRx
23. Dwight Jones, North Carolina, WRx
8. Mohamed Sanu, Rutgers, WRx

6th round grade

33. T.J. Graham, North Carolina St, WR0
41. Jermaine Kearse, Washington, WR2
42. Patrick Edwards, Houston, WR0
38. Lavon Brazill, Ohio, WR0
44. Marquis Maze, Alabama, WR2
27. Devier Posey, Ohio St, WRx
17. Ryan Broyles, Oklahoma, WR0

7th round grade

39. Travis Benjamin, Miami (FL), WR0
36. Dale Moss, South Dakota St, WRx
35. Chris Owusu, Stanford, WR0
37. Keshawn Martin, Michigan St, WR0
28. Eric Page, Toledo, WR0
40. Jordan White, Western Michigan, WR2
25. Junior Hemingway, Michigan, WRx

UDFA grade

24. Marvin McNutt, Iowa, WRx 26. Jeff Fuller, Texas A&M, WRx 34. B.J. Cunningham, Michigan St, WRx 43. Gerell Robinson, Arizona St, WRx 45. Lance Lewis, East Carolina, WRx

Please comment about these grades, the grades you'd give,

and also how these receivers would look in our offense.

This is a fan-created post. Dawgs By Nature assumes no responsibility for the content listed.

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