mocking the draft live draft results (poll included)

I was just over at mocking the draft and they did a mock draft so I figured I'd share the results (since their reaction page doesn't have a direct link and it's kinda hard to follow the way they organized it. I don't know if it was one of us at DBN who did it, but I figured it would be interesting to see everyone's opinions. Personally, I give it around a B-. Judge for yourself

1) morris Claiborne CB LSU

1B) Cordy Glenn OG Georgia

2) Ryan Tannehill QB Texas A&m

3) Robert Turbin RB Utah State

4a) TY Hilton WR FIU

4b) Terrell manning OLB NC St.

5) Donte Paige-moss DE North Carolina

6a) Neiko Thorpe FS Auburn

6b) Joe Long OT Wayne State

7a) Derek moye WR Penn State

7b) Drake Dunsmore FB/HB/TE Northwestern

7c) Jordan White WR Western michigan

Now, people reading my posts here know I want Blackmon. That's already a mark against it in my book. I'd be fine with that if the Browns took a receiver before the 4th round however. Also at 22, I am not sure if Glenn will be a RT.

There were a few picks I really didn't like outside of Claiborne, but they were mainly 4th rounders. Not a fan of manning and I think even with his talent, 5th is kinda high for Paige-moss. The big issue I saw is unlike other mocks, this didn't happen in a vacuum and you can look at guys the gm passed on.

At 1b): Passed on Stephen Hill, Doug martin, and Nick Perry

At 2): Passed on Zach Brown, Lavonte David, Lamar miller, David Wilson, and a couple nice upside DEs (Andre Branch and Chandler Jones

At 3): Passed on Chris Polk, Lamichael James, Trumaine Johnson, markelle martin, and Sean Spence

At 4a): Passed on Brandon Taylor, Ladarius Green, AJ Jenkins, Tommy Streeter, and marvin mcnutt

At 4b): Passed on Coryell Judie and Brandon Hardin

At 5): Passed on Demario Davis, Janzen Jackson, and Trenton Robinson

The rest, there was no one major they passed on.

The problem in these cases is often not who you get, but who you didn't get. The person seems to be thinking that the Browns will be moving Sheldon Brown to FS, a position he has never played before. Putting that aside, the gm here adds another cover corner, but no ball-hawks in the secondary. Brown isn't one and our leader in INTs was Adams who left.

They kind of had to take a RB in the 3rd over Johnson and martin, but they may have taken the 2nd/3rd best RB available (and I like Turbin). At 4a, they get a WR to fill that need, but not the most polished one, the most skilled one, or the biggest upside one available. 4b I thought was a reach and I like Demario Davis better. They had another chance at a ball-hawk in the 5th but passed on it

Neiko Thorpe could be that ball-hawk FS but in the 6th round?

If you couldn't tell, I am not a fan. There were a few reaches I didn't like and because they didn't fill a huge need at #4, they ended up reaching for needs later which is what I would have thought would happen. Because they didn't get a RB until the 3rd, they passed up on the best pure FS in the draft. Because they passed on Blackmon, they lost a chance at Taylor or an elite TE prospect.

The big thing I guess is where you lie on Tannehill. It was praised as being one of the steals, however I thought there were much bigger ones (such as Trumaine Johnson and Bobby massie in the 3rd).

I don't know about other people, but that draft felt a bit hollow in terms of the talent level and I look over at the Bengals and was jealous at the talent they got: Reiff, Kirpatrick, Lamar miller, marvin Jones, and Isiah Pead (while with better picks we got Claiborne, Glenn, Tannehill, Turbin, and TY Hilton).

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