Talking Turkey on Tanneyhill

I get it - you all hate Colt. And if you hate Colt you are now faced with the reality that the earliest that Holmgren will have secured his QBOTF is in year 4 of his 5 year plan. Talk about turtle paced. Now you are licking your wounds over RGIII and wondering if Ryan Tannehill, consensus next best available QB is for you. I am here to tell you - have a little more patience and lets pass on Tanneyhill-even at 22!.

Now I have trouble calling out College kids that do not get paid for risking life and limb, so since Ryan hasn't received a check yet - lets start with some very nice things about Tanneyhill.

1. First of all he is a high character guy, strong arm, good size. Good start.

2. Secondly, he is an athlete. The strongest argument for Tannehill is that he was athletic enough to be a darn good WR. And he did it for the team. Many people say that Tannehill was a WR and he switched to QB - but that is not true. He came out of HS as a QB in 2007 and had a redshirt year. In 2009 he "battled" Jerrod Johnson for the QB job and finished second. Wanting to contribute - he volunteered for WR and did a fine job.

But I will be suicidal with Tannehill in the top 10. Here are my top complaints:

1. First look at his College Honors in the Big XII. Bupkus. Now RGIII was the first string All Big XII, Brad Weeden took second team. Digging deeper, Landry Jones was an Honorable Mention, and Collin Klein of KSU was also recognized. So because Barkley goes back to USC and Jones didn't come out you expect me to believe that Tannehill is a first rounder? So the 5th best QB in the Big XII is the 3rd best QB in the draft? Give me a break.

2. Why is Tannehill so raw? He was a redshirted, 5 year player. He was tutored by Mike Sherman, NFL caliber offensive mind. When he was WR he still was 2nd string QB and ran the 2nd team offense. He frequently entered games as a 2nd string QB before beating out Johnson. Compare his tutelage to Cam Newton and you realize he just should not be this raw.

3. But here are my big questions. Why didn't he perform better in big games? Why was Aggie so disappointing under Tannehill? Why could RGIII elevate Baylor, Weeden take OSU to the BCS and Tannehill not even get Aggie to play to their potential? In fact, why was Aggie the most disappointing team in the country (initial ranking vs. final ranking)?

Texas A&M vs. Oklahoma Aggie goes into the lockerroom trailing 13-10 and gets the ball to start the half. In the next 10 minutes of football, Tannehill goes 3-10, throws 2 interceptions, and the game goes from 13-10 to 41-10 in those 10 minutes. Game over.

Texas A&M vs. Oklahoma St. Tannehill plays well in the first half and Aggie takes a 20-3 lead into the lockerroom. 3 Tannehill interceptions just kill their chances. Weeden leads a comeback, on the road. Tannehill chokes at home. Tannehill 3 INTs and BTW Weeden goes 47-60, 438 yds 2 TDs.

Texas A&M vs. Texas This is the biggest game in Aggie history. Aggie feels like Texas has forced them to the SEC. When Aggie tries to keep the rivalry going, Texas tells them to pound salt. Texas has a putrid offense that is built for Friday nights. Texas has 16 freshmen that will log minutes. Aggie faithful sense the victory, and they make plans for "the eternal scoreboard". Enter Ryan Tannehill. After Texas does their part by picking up 7 yards in the entire first quarter and Texas A&M goes up 13-0, Tannehill leads Texas to the victory. 20-49, 224 yds 2 TDs, 3 INTs, with one of those INTs going for 6. Literally the only way Texas wins is if Aggie chokes it away and they do.

So to wrap it up - stay away from Tannehill. That collar gets tight when the game is on the line. In the Big XII - he is called "1 Read Ryan". If you take that 1st read away and make him adjust - he throws the pick. With Aggie rated in the top 8 in most preseason polls, in their 3 biggest games, all 3 choked away.

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