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Ryan Tannehill. Everyone knows his meteoric stock rise according to all the "experts" since the end of the season. Is he really a top 5 pick? Is he a top 10 pick? Should he even go in the first round? Since the Washington trade up people have suggested Tannehill, who was originally a 2nd round grade, could potentially be picked at #3. Lets see what all the hype is about.

Ryan Tannehill, QB, Texas A&M

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 221 lbs

Arm Length: 32 5/8"

Hand Size: 9"































Tannehill's arguably best attribute is his pocket pressence. He senses pressure and can move around effectively in the pocket to evade the rush. When he needs to break the pocket he does a great job keeping his eyes down field and finding an open receiver. His general field vision is good, but not great (we'll touch on this in "weaknesses"). Tannehill's arm is at an NFL level with both strength and accuracy and he still has good accuracy on the run (major upgrade over our current QB) . He has shown good anticipation (@ 2:55) throwing to receivers coming out of cuts and overall has good placement with the football but will try to fit it in too many tight windows. By all accounts he is a high character, possesses a high work ethic, very intelligent and a good leader on the field.


The absolute biggest knock on Tannehill is lack of experience. There is no denying it, 19 games started is significantly less then the top 2 guys at his position. This lack of experience shows in his play in many circumstances. He tends to do one of two things when working through progressions- lock on his #1 option or storm through all reads and have no where to go. You can tell especially in his 2010 games he locked on his top WR very often and caused a few INT's because of that. Tannehill also has what I have termed a "Brett Favre factor." He is a gunslinger and tries to put the ball in some tight places. Sometimes it works our great, but others it is disastrous. I believe this goes back to the inexperience in live games.

Why the Browns should NOT take him:

In all likelihood he will cost a high draft pick and by no means is he a sure thing. Tannehill has many of the tools you look for, but I don't think he will be an upgrade immediately over Colt. How would that look taking a guy in the top 10 that sits behind a QB that is not good by any measure thus far in the NFL? Even people who are hyping Tannehill admit that he will need a year to learn the position. As rufio pointed out, its most often not who you take but who you don't take. Can we pass on any of the prospects who could have immediate gains for us and by all means are more of a possibility to become elite at their respective positions? Even if Tannehill falls, we already have a young QB here suffering from lack of weapons on offense, why would we bring another here to ruin again? Too much risk when we have so many needs to be addressed. Like Heckert said you get in trouble when you start reaching for needs.

Why the Browns SHOULD take him:

Because Tannehill could be an elite QB and there is no price you can put on that. My favorite quote regarding Tannehill, “the kind of things he does well are things a lot of QBs that have years of starting experience dont do well.” By all accounts his issues can be fixed with proper coaching. It's hard to coach pocket presence and the ability to feel the rush [Check out the pass at 8:41 vs LSU]. Its a lot easier to coach progressions and field decision making. His ability to read and defense and put the ball where it needs to be on a WR is a huge benefit for him and something he gained from being a WR for 2 1/2 years. Tannehill is a very "raw" player for the position and we have an enormous amount of coaching experience that can progress his development. He has prototypical size and strength for a QB. He also has the legs to extend plays and make teams worry about being a "dual threat."

My take:

Everything he does has been over analyzed like crazy. His demise in the 2nd half is fictitious from everything I've seen, though when I tried to find some of his worst games stat wise on video I could not. The best example I have is vs. OKST (start at 7:30) where his receivers found a case of the drops and really killed some late opportunities for points. The ball is where it needs to be for the most part. On top of everything else, you know the kid has confidence- just check out his girlfriend?

What the Browns will do:

I do not believe that Ryan is in play at 4. If we do decide to trade down I think it will be with Tannehill as the target in mind though. If he is still on the board at 22 I would expect Tannehill to be the pick honestly. Too much potential at such an important position for Holmgren to pass. Plus it still allows us to draft Blackmon at 4. Overall I think he slides out of the top 10 then who knows what happens. Come draft day it's all craziness.

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