Browns have been the worst offensive team over the last 10 years

Out of curiosity, I did a quick calculation of average offensive ranking for all 32 teams over the past 10 years. Guess who finished dead last? That's right... the Browns.

I made a spread sheet with all 32 teams and recorded their ranks in terms of points scored from 2002-2011. (Rank 1 = most points, rank 32 least points). Here are the average rankings for each team over that time span:

Team - Average Ranking 2002-2011

1. New England Patriots 6.2

2. San Diego Chargers 6.3

3. Indianapolis Colts 6.4

4. Green Bay Packers 8.6

5. Philadelphia Eagles 8.6

6. New Orleans Saints 9.4

7. New York Giants 12.9

8. Pittsburgh Steelers 13.3

9. Minnesota Vikings 14.2

10. Atlanta Falcons 14.4

11. Kansas City Chiefs 15

12. Baltimore Ravens 15.1

13. Denver Broncos 15.1

14. Dallas Cowboys 15.2

15. Seattle Seahawks 15.5

16. Tennessee Titans 16

17. Cincinnati Bengals 16.8

18. Carolina Panthers 18.4

19. New York Jets 18.7

20. Houston Texans 19.3

21. Arizona Cardinals 19.4

22. Jacksonville Jaguars 19.6

23. Chicago Bears 19.9

24. Oakland Raiders 20.5

25. San Francisco 49ers 21.3

26. St. Louis Rams 21.3

27. Detroit Lions 21.4

28. Miami Dolphins 21.4

29. Buffalo Bills 21.8

30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 22.4

31. Washington Redskins 23.4

32. Cleveland Browns 26.5

There are the Browns, right on the bottom by a good margin with the worst average ranking.

Here is how our offense has ranked in terms of points scored for the last 10 years:

2011 – 30th
2010 – 31st
2009 – 29th
2008 – 30th
2007 – 8th
2006 – 30th
2005 – 32nd
2004 – 27th
2003 – 29th
2002 – 19th

Besides the "miracle" season of 2007, the Browns have been abysmal offensively. This shouldn't be a surprise for those who have been watching the team for the last decade. It has been pretty brutal to watch. Sometimes it looks like the Browns are playing a different sport from their opponents. Ultimately, the lack of production for the past decade falls on consistent lack of offensive play makers and the lack of a franchise QB.

Heading into the draft this week, I am sure H&H are well aware of how the offense has stacked up in recent years. After seeing significant improvement in our defense from the last couple drafts, here's hoping that after this draft we'll see the makings of a more dynamic offense that can move the ball, sustain drives, and PUT POINTS ON THE BOARD!

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