My Rage With Age

First things first, let me apologize to all on the 1st round draft thread for all the negativity. I made the Licensed pessimist look optimistic. As an fyi, while I am a huge Colt fan, I have been a lifelong Browns fan for longer than I care to admit. I like most of you, have lived and died with the team, and after continual let downs, I simply boiled over.

Secondly, let me stress some positives in the draft that I missed yesterday:

We got the RB we wanted, and by all accounts, he seems to be a dynamic, elite back. Shelf life, 3 picks will all be forgotten when he leads the league in rushing next year.

The FO know Colt McCoy well and feel very comfortable that he will never develop into a starting QB, and they got a new QB more to their liking.

Finally, I like the fact that Shurmur and H&H will finally have some accountability to win, and win sooner rather than later. If Shurmur gets as much out of Weeden as a rookie, as he did from Sam Bradford – he is gone. If Breeden is not a top 10 or so QB in 2013 – H&H will be gone, and Polian or Cowher will have to turn down like $10 million large per year. Would be hard to continue to sell yourself as a QB guru – when your Browns history is to overpay for a washed up vet QB, brought in a substandard and dour number 2, spent a 3rd rounder on a guy you will trade for a 6th or 7th this weekend. Add a failure in the draft of the oldest player ever drafted and you know the story.

But I am really pissed about the age issue, and its implication on my opinion of the front office. From purely a Browns’ perspective, the age is not a huge issue. They felt we needed a starting QB and they got the guy they wanted to stake their reputations to. If Weeden gives 5 good years – that will me more good years than we had since 1992, from all QBs combined.

But if are a team, and you already have a starting QB – the age issue is absolutely huge. No one would give a premium pick for a guy who will be a 29 year old rookie, and have him develop behind their starter. The QBs between our first and 2nd pick were Stafford of Det, Ben of Pit, Schaub of Hou, Rodgers of GB, Ponder of Min, Alex Smith of SF, Freeman of TB, Bradford of St.L, Luck in Ind, Flacco of Bal, and the brothers Manning. Can you seriously look at the contract situations, the talent, youth of that group and tell me with a straight face that one of those teams would have taken Weeden? Heckert could have looked in the mirror and seen the total market for Weeden in the first 2 rounds. His statement that many teams were interested is an insult to our intelligence.

There is a big difference between a scout and a GM. Scouts can afford to fall in love with guys. GMs should damn well know the draft priorities of their competition. They should know the contract commitment of all QBs in their competition. When you are trying to stop being a doormat of the NFL - you cannot make mistakes. While I don’t pretend to be a draft expert, the following are suspect to me:

• Did the Browns screw up the serendipitous drop of the blue chip OL?

• Why in God’s name did they not at least trade down to get Weeden? And don’t tell me they couldn’t – many trades made at the end of the round.

• Why in God’s name did they turn the pick in without at least considering other offers?

I will let you decide if those are mistakes, but if so – they are inexcusable. I have a real hate for the "circus bearded lady picks". The LB who came from a division 5 program that went 0-13, the Christian fella with the bad mechanics. The RB who blew out his knee horribly on TV and got picked in the first round. The long snapper, and now the oldest guy ever drafted. I sincerely hope it works out – Browns fans could really use a break.

This is a fan-created post. Dawgs By Nature assumes no responsibility for the content listed.

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