2012 Rookie Predictions

These predictions are based 100% on hype and minicamp reports. While I admit they are overly optimistic, I did try to keep them somewhat realistic. Give feedback and let me know if my estimations are over or under yours.

Trent Richardson- He will run for 1300 and scratch at 2000 all purpose yards while scoring 15 TDs in 2012. He will be in the top 5 fantasy RBs in 2012 and make it to the pro-bowl because of his popularity and the part he played in turning a 4-12 team into a 8-8 team.

Brandon Weeden- He will throw for 4000 yards and 20 TDs in 2012. He will become our franchise QB for the next 5 years (at least) and help take the team to the playoffs twice during that stretch. He won't make the pro-bowl but he will be in the top 25% of QBs across the league.

Mitchell Schwartz- Will anchor the RT position for 5-7 seasons. He will never make the pro-bowl but will be one of the most underrated lineman in the game as a very good run blocker and slightly above average pass protector. What else can you say about an RT?

John Hughes- He will be forced to start for 6 games this season and have below average production during the stretch. When Taylor comes back he will become more effective as a back-up/ rotational player. He will never produce like a 3rd round pick should and will be replaced through the draft within the next 4 years.

Travis Benjamin- He will have 750 receiving yards and 7 TDs in his rookie year. His speed will create missmatches and open up the throwing game. When he is on the field he will make Little, MoMass, Cribbs and the TEs look better by relieving the pressure in the slot and stretching the field.

James-Michael Johnson- He will start in place of Fujitta while he serves his suspension and rotate with him when he returns.

Ryan Miller- Although he is a good player he will only serve as a quality back-up at OG. He will stick around for a few years but will never be a starter unless there is an injury.

Emmanuel Acho- He will start out on special teams and be buried very deep on the depth chart at OLB. If he is able to stick with the team by making big plays on special teams, by his third season he may become a decent rotational player at OLB.

Billy Winn- Like Hughes, Winn will be a quality backup at DT. He will be an important piece to the Browns depth during his first few seasons but will never gain a starting role. He will stay with the Browns until his contract is up and leaves through FA.

Trevin Wade- He will be cut when the roster goes to 53. We will want to put him on the practice squad but he will not clear waivers. Another team will pick him up and put him in at nickle and let him play on special teams.

Brad Smelley- He will win the starting FB role from Marecic and make some plays as a TE as well. He will only have about 15 catches in 2012 but he will have a significant impact paving the way for Richardson.

This is a fan-created post. Dawgs By Nature assumes no responsibility for the content listed.

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