Shadow Browns

Hey all, I've read the site for a while now, but never bothered posting until now. I wanted to be more educated on the draft this year, so I decided to shadow draft the Browns this year. Basically, whenever the Browns were on the clock, I was too. I drafted based not on what I thought the Browns would do, but on what I thought would make the most sense for the Browns. So this is a recap of my draft and what my new Shadow Browns would look like. I was interested in getting feedback on how this team looks, just a kind of parallel universe Browns if you will. Be warned, I'm no draft expert or anything, never even played for my high school team, so my analysis might not be the most accurate. Be warned, it's a little length as well.

Round 1 Pick 3 - RB Trent Richardson - I agreed with the trade the Browns made, so I made it as well. I think Trent Richardson will be a better fit in the WCO than Justin Blackmon would be, so the choice was easy. And yes, I normally agree with the prevailing sentiment, that RBs are a waste this high, but Richardson can be special and is a perfect fit in our offense in my opinion.

1.22 - G David DeCastro - I couldn't pass up the opportunity to bolster the offensive line. Sure, there are other needs, but he is too good to pass up. I considered Reiff as well, but I think Pinkston could switch back to RT where he played in college, especially with his working out with Bentley this off-season.

2.37 - WR Rueben Randle - Obviously I'm not getting a quarterback like the actual Browns, so Colt needs weapons. Randle is a great athlete who runs good routes (very important in the WCO in my opinion) and has good hands. His big knock is no elite speed, but I don't think that's necessary for our offense, if he can get open and break a tackle, that's all we need. And that's exactly what he can do.

3.87 - CB Brandon Boykin - I decided to accept the Browns other trade as well, some of the players I was hoping to snag in the 3rd (David or Brown to play LB) were off the board, so I picked up an extra pick. I like Boykin. He's a little small, but he is strong and fast and from what I hear, a great leader on the field. He has some injury history, but I think he could eventually line up across from Haden to form a physical CB duo.

4.100 - T Bobby Massie - I guess shifting Pinkston to tackle is moot now that Massie is on board. He's another value pick I couldn't pass up. I don't think he'll be as tough as Schwartz, but he has good technique and I hear he is a good run blocker, letting Richardson power to either side of the line.

4.120 LB Terrell Manning - This could be a reach as he is undersized and can't shed blockers, but he plays hard and smart and can stop the run. In retrospect, this is probably the pick I like the least as he lacks the speed to be a true OLB, which is what I drafted him to be.

5.160 S Markelle Martin - With the addition of Boykin, I think Sheldon Brown would switch to FS. I believe both he and Young's contract are up after this season. I wasn't a big fan of Young long term, so this is the eventual replacement. He is fast, smart and a sure tackler. He won't make big plays, but he won't give up any either. I think he could be a great tandem with Ward.

6.204 - DT Billy Winn - Browns liked this guy too as he went with the next pick for real. He gives sorely needed depth on the line.

6.205 QB BJ Coleman - He is a developmental pick from a small school, so he doesn't have name recognition or big game experience. However, he seems to be accurate, has a strong arm, and is fairly mobile. He needs work on his route progression and handling pressure, but that's why he's a developmental prospect. He went to the Packers, so he'll be 2016's Matt Flynn.

7.245 DE Jamie Blatnick - He was labeled a tweener and went undrafted, but I think he could be a situational defensive end on rushing downs, the anti-Marcus Benard if you will. He can hold his own against tackles and prevent the rusher from getting to the edge.

7.247 - WR Jarrett Boykin - I like Carlton Mitchell, but I think his days are numbered here. Mitchell is the prototypical WR body, speed, and athleticism, but I'm not sure he will get a chance, especially with Colt's weak arm not being able to hit him downfield to utilize his strengths. So Boykin becomes the project WR. Boykin isn't fast, but he has great hands and runs great routes. He is also physical and can block. I think if everything goes his way, his ceiling is a possession receiver who plays over the middle of the field, and who couldn't use that?

So there were my picks, and here is a quick depth chart on what the team would look like. My biggest weakness is LB depth. No one to back up Jackson, Manning is a little raw, Maiava isn't all that good, and Spears was more of a "I have no one else' roster spot.

QB - McCoy/Wallace/Coleman

HB - Richardson/Jackson/Hardesty

FB - Marecic

WR - Little/Randle/Massaquoi/Cribbs/Norwood/Boykin

TE - Watson/Moore/Cameron/Smith

LT - Thomas

LG - DeCastro/Greco

C - Mack

RG - Pinkston/Lauvao

RT - Massie/Cousins

DE - Sheard/Rucker/Thomas-Parker/Benard/Blatnick

DT - Rubin/Taylor/Winn/Schaefering

SLB - Gocong/Maiava

ILB - Jackson/Spears

WLB - Fujita/Manning

CB - Haden/Patterson/Boykin/Skrine/Dockery

FS - Brown/Young/Martin

SS - Ward/Hagg

K - Dawson

P - Hodges

LS - Young

So, opinions, criticisms, snide remarks? Who would win between the actual Browns and my Shadow Browns? Let me hear it!

This is a fan-created post. Dawgs By Nature assumes no responsibility for the content listed.

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