Browns Best Trade Ever - Part 2

This is part 2 of the greatest Brown’s trade ever. Part 1 covered the trade of Randy Lerner for Jimmy Haslam, and part 2 covers the Joe Banner for Mike Holmgren trade that should start going down around Brandon Weeden’s 29th birthday. I was originally going to skip this post because of the anticipated criticism, but after reading that Jimmy Haslam is stepping down as CEO of the Flying J – I am so optimistic, elated, even giddy, on the future of the Browns, I can’t resist. Why so excited? I think Jimmy Haslam will be Jerry Jones – minus the ego & jackassery – minus the meddling and self proclamation as GM. And Banner? I like him for 3 reasons:

1. Jimmy Haslam likes him and has an established working relationship with him.

2. He has a track record of success as an executive leader

3. He has ties to Heckert. Thus a passionate owner, a successful top executive, and a competent GM for the first time. These are triplets that deliver long term results my friend.

I am assuming that Holmgren will be gone simply because I cannot imagine a scenario where these type of egos coexist. It would be nice to be wrong, because that means we would have both a winning record, and proven QBOTF. Now to the ax grinding on Holmgren that will prolly piss off a lot of folks, but when you are giddy you could care less. Here are my 4 beefs on Holmgren – starting from the most trivial:

4. The Jim Brown for Gil Haskell trade. Lerner had a consultant named Jim Brown, and Big Mike whacked him for Gil Haskell. Gil Haskell is starting year 3 as offensive consultant, of a terrible offense. Does anyone represent a bigger waste of organizational space than Gil Haskell? Well maybe Jim Brown did. By all accounts, Gil is the weasely snitch that if he was in the military would be FRAG’d by his own troops. Now #32 was never a model citizen, and many think of him as an asshole. But he is OUR ASSHOLE.

3. Sleepless in Seattle – with the media. Now big Mike has taken maybe $20 large from Randy. During his first couple yrs, he breaks local news, gives insight through his Seattle buddies. Now I know Seattle folks may prefer wine and cheese to beer and brats – but he should have been doing that here. Now in yr 3 – Big Mike says he realizes he made a mistake. So you get paid millions by the most media shy billionaire in the world and don’t realize that some of that money was to be the face of the franchise in Cleveland?

2. QB and Meddling. Let’s review the QB guru’s moves in his 3 yrs of roster building. He brought in a washed up veteran on one of the worst contracts in football. He sent a late draft pick for a seasoned WCO QB, signed him to a bad contract, and then cut him. He spent a 3rd round pick on a QB, took some credit for his early success, named him a starter without competition, and then deemed that his arm is not strong enough for the NFL (isn’t this fairly detectable?). So give up on the 3rd rounder, and invest the #22 pick in the oldest rookie ever drafted, give him the job without competition, say how ready he is, and then watch him put out possibly the worst rookie debut in the history of the NFL. Now it is way too early to give up on Weeds, but the regime survival on Weeds is short too. I am so tired of hearing that the bad deals didn’t hurt cap space anyway. Even the Browns have a budget, and that money should have brought good players to the Browns dammit!

There were 2 odd unconfirmed reports around draft time. One said Heckert balked at Weeds at #22, and had to be specifically instructed to make the pick. No idea if true, but if so – Mike you had your chance at GM and were fired – let the man do his job. The second was a rumored Browns sale (denied heartily) – but turned out to be true. Coincidence?

1. The Shurmur hire. Imagine you are a HR professional (oxymoron alert). You have a troubled org, and you need a key hire to be a game changer. You need a coach in the neighborhood of the Harbaughs, Hoodie, Coughlin etc. You get the following resume: : 8 yrs tight end coach at his alma mater, 1 yr OL coach Stanford, 3 yrs TE coach NFL, 7 yr QB coach NFL, and 2 yrs as OC on one of the worst offenses in the NFL. You have a guy that took 19 yrs to be an unsuccessful OC in the NFL. That is a resume that ends up in file 13, unless his uncle was your friend, and you remember giving the lil guy a noogie and then buying him those pink coated hostess sno-balls from the coach’s lounge vending machine. Then you either let him talk you into being the OC/HC and play caller during a year of work stoppage which makes you pretty dumb. Or – you design the org structure that way which basically makes you dumber, or even whacked in the best trade ever.

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