You could have listened in April

I have absolutely zero respect for this crybaby hangout you guys call a blog, but in the offseason you were really at your finest.

Here's where I told you Greg Little had shown exactly what he already is, a drop machine with a troubling persona.
Here's where I told you Holmgren was not fit for his role as president, and how disappointing it was to have Shurmur and Childress in charge of our offense.
Here's where I told you no matter how hard you try to talk yourself into it, drafting a 28 year old QB who still needs to develop was a panic move

All 3 of these seem like obvious conclusions now, yet literally 99% of you were vehemently opposed to any such insight.

Here's your comments

Special Brownie re Greg Little: why were comparisons of rookies taken after him but not before? I feel like a comparison of him to Julio would’ve debunked your whole thesis wouldn’t it of?
Matt Wood re Greg Little: No reporter, no player, no blogger, nothing. If he was such a fool, someone would have said something.
Matt Wood re Greg Little: Little’s drops seemed to get much better when Seneca Wallace took over for Colt McCoy. I don’t think that is a coincidence.
Henry Dawg re Holmgren: He’s employing the same strange tactics used by some of the league’s best teams.
Dawg Nuts: Be reassured by the fact that Mike Holmgren has had success in the NFL and you’re on an internet blog right now. He may know more than you.
Rufio: you had better not think that your "oh my god I am so pissed off because its April and I know better than every GM in the NFL and the Browns are already going 0-16 because the front office is all idiots" attitude is just going to fly based on nothing.
The New Kardiac Kids: You suck. Weeden is a top 2 or 3 talent.

So to the circle jerk here at Dawgs by Nature, enjoy the front office and players you refused to criticize all summer. This is what you wanted right?


This is a fan-created post. Dawgs By Nature assumes no responsibility for the content listed.

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