Things I wonder about

Does Joe Thomas have an undisclosed injury? Joe has not performed up to his standard so far this season, he has been more above average to average than elite so far. Between game 1 and 2 he took some practice time off because of jokingly "old age" he said. Is his knee in need of a cleanup, nothing that needs done now but something that will require an off season scope and currently just hampers his quickness and movement a little. I can understand not publicizing it, no need to tell the Ravens "hey, Joe's right knee hurts try not to make to many inside moves".

Is Greg Little related to Braylon Edwards? He really seems like Braylon just without the 1000 yd season.

Will the regular officials coming back help the Cleveland Browns receivers a lot more than other teams? I have heard multiple player comments that the CB's are getting away with a lot with the replacement officials. Our young receivers are not handling press man coverage well, will it be marginally or even substantially less aggressive once the old sheriff's are back in town? In general, if players are pushing the envelope more with the replacement refs that would seem to favor veteran players, they actually know what the envelope is.

Will we actually see more of Jordan Cameron the rest of the season? I mean he really looks like a legit target. Can Shurmur put aside his Alex Smith love for the good of the team or is Ben Watson done?

Why is Montario Hardesty still on the roster? Come to think of it, why is Owen Marecic still on the roster? Brad Smelley could not be any worse and we think he can actually catch.

Is catching a football an innate ability like running or throwing that you can only improve upon, but ultimately either you are really good at it or you are not? The Browns are currently at the top part of the leaderboard with 11 passes dropped even after all the focus that was put upon this one skill during training camp.

What kind of a name is Pokorny anyway and what nicknames to you get with a handle like that?

Is tomorrow the game where we are set up to win a game that no one believes we can? Baltimore playing on sunday night gets 8 hours less rest than us (I know this one is a reach), coming off an emotional revenge win with the Torrey Smith situation and they are overlooking the lowly Browns. Could it happen? Could it?

Will we regret Josh Gordon when the second round rolls around next April?

Where will Holmgren, Shurmur and Heckert be this time next year?

Is another 5 year rebuild in our future?

What say ye?

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