2013 Game Day Threads

NFC Championship Open Thread - 49ers vs. Seahawks


The NFC Championship will feature a heated NFC West rivalry -- the rubber match in the best of three series -- as the 49ers take on the Seahawks.

AFC Championship Open Thread - Pats vs. Broncos


The AFC Championship game will feature another classic battle between the top two quarterbacks in the NFL, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

Chargers vs. Broncos (Open Thread)


Although Tom Brady and Peyton Manning have had some epic playoff battles, don't forget that Manning and Philip Rivers have had their own epic playoff battles as well.

49ers vs. Panthers (Open Thread)


The Panthers should be getting a lot more respect than they are receiving. After beginning the season at 1-3, they won 11 of their final 12 games to earn a first-round bye. Aside from the Seahawks,...

Colts vs. Patriots (Open Thread)


The Colts squaring off against the Patriots in the postseason is a familiar sight, but it's the first time that we'll see Andrew Luck steering the ship against Tom Brady.

Saints vs. Seahawks (Open Thread)


The Saints did not match up too well against the Seahawks earlier this season, losing in Seattle by a score of 34-7. Drew Brees could not get the ball down the field against Seattle's cornerbacks,...

BCS Championship: Auburn vs. Florida St.


The Browns have extra incentive for being at the game, as they will be taking a closer look at Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn. Use this as an open thread to discuss the game as it unfolds.

NFL Playoffs: 49ers vs. Packers (Open Thread)


Is there something sinister about me rooting for a game with temperatures at 0 degrees, feeling like -25 degrees, in the postseason? I know we've heard the weather talked about to death already,...

NFL Playoffs: Chargers vs. Bengals (Open Thread)


Today, we kick off with the San Diego Chargers taking on the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals are the only team representing the AFC North this year, and they usually have the right combination of...

NFL Playoffs: Saints vs. Eagles (Open Thread)


This will be a fresh opening-round game to watch, since the New Orleans Saints and the Philadelphia Eagles did not square off against each other during the regular season.


NFL Playoffs: Chiefs vs. Colts (Open Thread)


Despite what happened two weeks ago, I like the Chiefs to win this game on the road. They have the right veteran quarterback to lead the team in Alex Smith, and Jamaal Charles would be the league's...

Orange Bowl Open Thread: Clemson vs. Ohio State


The Ohio State Buckeyes should be disappointed that they aren't playing for a National Championship, but they still have a tough test ahead of them when they take on the Clemson Tigers.

Win and In: Eagles vs. Cowboys (Open Thread)


This thread should be used to discuss the final game of the regular season, a Sunday Night Football affair between the Eagles and the Cowboys. It's win and in for both teams -- who will emerge...

Browns vs. Steelers - 4th Quarter Game Thread


Things didn't get much better in the third quarter for the Cleveland Browns, as they failed to convert another fourth down, and the defense gave up a field goal. Pittsburgh leads 17-0 heading into...

Browns vs. Steelers - 3rd Quarter Game Thread


The lack of depth for the Cleveland Browns' defense, the poor play from QB Jason Campbell, and another season of losing clearly showed in that first half. The Browns are facing a 14-0 deficit...

Browns vs. Steelers - 2nd Quarter Game Thread


The Browns' offense has been lackluster, and the defense gave up an opening touchdown to the Steelers as they are down 7-0 heading into the second quarter of play.


Browns vs. Steelers - 1st Quarter Game Thread

Today, the Cleveland Browns take on the Pittsburgh Steelers. We will have game threads running for each quarter, so be sure to participate in the discussions.

MNF Open Thread - Falcons vs. 49ers


Week 16 of the NFL concludes today as the Atlanta Falcons take on the San Francisco 49ers. This isn't the most exciting game on paper, but it does have major playoff implications for the Arizona...

Browns vs. Jets - 4th Quarter Game Thread


The Browns failed to move the ball on offense, and then the defense allowed the Jets to drive down the field. The Jets have a 1st-and-goal as we head to the final quarter of play.

Browns vs. Jets - 3rd Quarter Game Thread


The Browns and Jets are tied at 10-10, despite the Browns controlling the clock for much of the first half.

Browns vs. Jets - 2nd Quarter Game Thread


The Browns missed an opportunity for a touchdown when Greg Little dropped a pass, but Cleveland settled for a field goal. The Jets' offense hasn't done anything, so that's where we stand heading...


Browns vs. Jets - 1st Quarter Game Thread

Today, the Cleveland Browns take on the New York Jets. We will have game threads running for each quarter, so be sure to participate in the discussions.

College Football: All Eyes on Derek Carr


There are a couple of games taking place in college football today, but the game that is going to get the most attention is the Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl between Fresno State and USC.

MNF Open Thread - Ravens vs. Lions


Week 15 of the NFL concludes today as the Baltimore Ravens take on the Detroit Lions. The Ravens control their own destiny toward winning the AFC North, but they'll likely need to win their final...

SNF Open Thread - Bengals vs. Steelers


This thread should be used to discuss tonight's Sunday Night Football game between the Bengals and the Steelers. Can the Bengals lock up the AFC North and even move into the No. 2 seed temporarily?

Bears vs. Browns - 4th Quarter Game Thread


SS T.J. Ward scooped up a loose football and returned it 51 yards for a touchdown to take a 24-17 lead. Heading into the fourth quarter, Cleveland has the ball. Can they hang on to win their final...

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