CHUD no DUD - 5 Things I Think I know about Browns HC Search


1. I am happy with Chud and you should be too

If you are like me, you were probably expecting a bigger name than Chud. But that is ok. I remember the collective yawns in Baltimore and Atlanta when they hired Smith and Harbaugh. Its ok to lose the press conference, and win on the field. There are 2 reasons I am especially happy today:

• It’s the process. My only expectation was that the Browns run a thorough, fair, and inclusive search process. I think they did that, andther efore I am behind the coach 100%. Besides Chud meets the 2 criteria for success – he has had success in Cleveland and he has eaten perogis.

• This officially marks the end of another dreadful season of double digit losses, kicks of 2013, and we are officially 0-0 in 2013.

2. This is a dream scenario for Brandon Weeden

Under Chud, Derek Anderson played in a pro bowl. Let that sink in for a minute. At age 24. In his first season.

• Brandon Weeden fans should be happy, and we should all be BW fans. Remember how fast Charlie Frye was fed exed out of Cleveland? That was Chud in Savage’s ear. My guess is Colt will break that record, and be gone before training camp.

• Let these numbers sink in. Derek Anderson had 29 TD passes . Not 14. We scored 402 points and were 8th in scoring.

• Close your eyes. Does BW look like a more talented DA? Does Gordon physically, speedwise seem like BE? What about Little – does he look like the big physical receiver – chain mover kind of guy like Joe J? TR is a younger faster Jamal Lewis . TE – never mind.

• Chud threw past the chains and said KWII and JJ – go get the damn ball. And they did.

3. A Switch to 4-3 is not a disaster

Frostee Rucker had 4 more sacks than Frostte the snowman. Prolly is really a 3-4 DE.

• Hughes really is more of a NT than a DT. Taylor would prolly be a damn good NT – but he may balk at the transition.

Billy Winn is better suited as a 3-4 DE than a DT. He had reps at DE during 2012.

• The casualty is Jabaal Sheard - who is too small for a 3-4 DE and don’t think he is quick enough to play with his hand of the ground. I could be wrong.

• I refuse to worry about this scenario until it happens.


What would Holmgren Do? First of all, being kind, he did not demonstrate a lot moxy on the coach selection process. Had 2 opportunities and basically whiffed.

• Did he have setbacks in his search for Shurmur? No – but nobody else was interested in Pat. He could look in the mirror to see the market for Pat Shurmur. To this day, I believe the Browns are the only team to interview Pat for a HC position.

• Because Holmgren clearly stated that "6-10 is not good enough, and we wil be better, a lot better" – if he would have kept Pat – it could foster an atmosphere of a lack of accountability.

• If he did fire Pat – I honestly believe a very tired Andy Reid would have been introduced.

• Heckert was collateral damage. I think he would have stayed with Mike and Andy – and give up his 53 man clause for them. He would not do so for Banner.

5. Banner is up against it

If DBN is a representation of the fan base, Joe Banner really has a difficult challenge in Cleveland. For sure he has a lot less charisma than big Mike – but it is certain he has raised more ire in his 2 months than Mike did with a 14-34 record. I wish him luck, but in public perception the only thing that can save him is a winning team, there will be not patience for this guy. If Chud does not prove himself in 2 years, the negativity will be a million times what Holmgren faced. However, I do not have a huge issue with this – in today’s NFL – a coach has 2 years to prove himself. Believe me, you will know if Chud is a good or bad hire in 2 years

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