Predictions About Lombardi and New Front Office From Someone with No Confidence In Them

I am on record on this site as saying that the hiring of Mike Lombardi would be a disaster. That disaster has come to pass. I seriously don't understand why Haslam would think it was a good idea to bring in a guy who has bad-mouthed some of our best players on the roster. It just makes no sense and I have no faith in Haslam anymore. As I said from the moment Matt Wood said that Haslam just wanted a "yes man" when he hired Joe Banner, Matt Wood was wrong. And I think we can all agree now that Matt Wood was wrong -- but unfortunately, he was wrong but it was worse than he thought. Haslam is now Joe Banner's yes man. Haslam has turned the keys to the franchise over to a guy who does not appear qualified to run an entire franchise.

I was very, very critical of Holmgren hiring Shurmur -- it just seemed odd that he would go out and hire the offensive coordinator of a team that had a super bad offense for the two years he was OC there but the guy just so happened to be his old buddy's favorite nephew. It stunk. Well, the Lombardi hiring stinks just as much -- Banner is hiring his buddy, and it is a guy that no one else wants (despite Haslam treating us all like idiots when he said that all NFL people told him he would be lucky to get Lombardi as GM -- if that were true, why had Lombardi not been hired in the last 5 years?!? Haslam really thinks we are idiots).

Enough with this. These are my predictions of some of the personnel moves I predict we will see between now and the 2014 draft. I don't think all of these moves will be made, but I think a lot of them will be.

  1. Josh Gordon will be traded.
  2. Joe Haden will be traded.
  3. TJ Ward will not be extended and will walk at the end of next season.
  4. Our defense is going to be gutted and rebuilt completely -- Heckert's work is going down the drain there.
  5. Either Phil Taylor or Tuba Rubin will be traded for a second or third round pick (probably before this year's draft). My guess would be Rubin because of his contract, but Phil is probably more valuable because of his cheaper contract.
  6. Brandon Weeden will be traded for chump change in the run-up to this year's draft -- regardless, he will not be our opening day starter next year.
  7. We WILL make a head-scratching trade with the Patriots where we will get fleeced.
Bank them -- at least 3 of these are going to be right.

This is a fan-created post. Dawgs By Nature assumes no responsibility for the content listed.

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