What did Chip Kelly consider about the Browns?

I'm very bummed about Chip Kelly not signing deal to be Browns next head coach. Very, very bummed indeed. I thought about it a bit and although disappointed, I can't blame him for not signing for a few reasons. Although I have never coached a team (I taught group tennis but not as a team function, I have managed large departments; some of them where quite dysfunctional when I took over and if you've ever managed people, especially people who don't want to be managed or don't like to be managed or died on the job many years earlier and now just going through the motions to collect a paycheck, perhaps Chip Kelly also took into consideration some of these things during his decision making because as it's not always just about the big salary $'s.

Maybe Kelly thought about a few of these things as he was deciding on the Browns:

(1) How much talent is Kelly starting out with on the Browns roster, especially on the Offense side and how much extra work does Kelly have to do to get to where he wants his offense to be? To run his explosive offense, he needs many talented play makers and if he was smart, I'm sure he asked Banner and Haslam to give a run down of the Browns roster during the interview.

Who do the Browns have? Oh sure, they now have Josh Gordon and Trent Richardson, which are newly added bright "hopefuls" and a rebuilt offensive line but that's about it on offense. Folks, they have no QB, especially one to run Kelly’s offense. Weeden is a scared girl out there and McCoy, albeit tough and willing, doesn't have the arm strength.

A career limiting move I once made was joining a company based solely on the salary and not asking enough detailed questions about the team I’m taking over, talent levels, what I’m up against etc. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy but it turned out to be the stuff you see in movies and I took over a highly dysfunctional team of people who didn't want to be there, didn't want to be mentored or supervised and want way out of their way to make things difficult for me etc. etc. Oh sure, I brought in some additional talent, worked long hours to help keep the department running and eventually made things better, but after a year and a half I was burnt out and frustrated because I came to realize I still had a long way to go to reach my department road map that I created.

Kelly might have looked at the Browns roster and although the roster is much better with 3 years of drafting under Heckert (minus the Weeden pick), it was still a long way to go on offense before it could successfully perform under Kelly's schemes.

(2) Lots of new people: new Browns ownership and new front office a.k.a. lots of new people in high places. Last thing you want to join a company with all new people at various levels in mgt. Why? Too much transition going on, people moving on, new people joining throughout the org. Haslam and Banner are learning the Browns culture as Kelly would be too and no stability built yet. I'm not an Eagles fan but at least with them there's more of a track record with the owner since he's been in place for a long time and perhaps that makes Kelly feel more comfortable.

(3) Track record of success. I hate to say it but success breeds success and some teams, just like some companies have a track record of success, just like some teams and some companies don't and continue to be losers year after year. Now I'm a Browns fan, but since re-joining the NFL, they seem to make a lot of mistakes over and over, especially on hiring coaches and draft picks.

Perhaps Kelly realized the Browns, despite the recent promise of a few young players, were still a team destined to be just basement dwellers of their division. Kelly is accustomed to winning, seems to surround himself with successful people e.g. Phil Knight from Nike among others and probably wants to continue that. Who wouldn't?? You’d be stupid not too. Eagles have had a track record of success; the city of Philly has had a track record of success. Maybe Kelly wants to live/coach in a city that has had a history of success. Some people are superstitious.

It would have been great to have Kelly, just to shake things up, even maybe have several new sets of jerseys for the Browns just like the Oregon Ducks have under Kelly. Oh well, maybe we can lure Bill Cowher back from retirement or even Nick Saban. Both were former Browns assistant coaches when they started their NFL coaching careers, so they owe the Browns and nothing better in repayment by having them say thanks for the opportunity to join the NFL coaching community is for them to be the Browns next head coach!

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