Week 6 UDBNFL Review

1 Simms’ Unsullied (Jon Stinchcomb) 100.70 vs 9 Kosar for President (Weeden2Gordon) 83.06

Summary: Simms’ Unsullied reclaims first place with a victory over Kosar for President.

Game High Points: KC Def 26.0 (Simms’ Unsullied)

Surprise of the Game: 26.0 points from a defense is always surprising, as is 24.8 points from Jamaal Charles (Kosar for President)

Most Disappointing Performance: Torrey Smith scored only 1.2 points and Matt Bryant, who was on a bye week, scored 0.0, both for Kosar for President.

Notables: Reuben Randle’s 13.5 points on the bench could have helped Simms’ Unsullied while Kosar for President wishes he started Denarius Moore (14.2 pts).


2 Optimist Prime (The Licensed Optimist) 63.34 vs 5 Now I’m Done (StuckInPa) 79.50

Summary: Jordy Nelson and Now I’m Done get the win over Optimist Prime, knocking him out of first place.

Game High Points: Drew Brees 17.54 (Optimist Prime)

Surprise of the Game: Jordy Nelson scored 17.3 points for Now I’m Done while Mason Crosby scored 16.0 for Optimist Prime.

Most Disappointing Performance: Brandon Myers (Now I’m Done) and Cecil Shorts (Optimist Prime) both failed to score any points while Min Def actually lost 3.0 points for Optimist Prime.

Notables: There were plenty of points left on the bench in this game; BenJarvus Green-Ellis (8.6 pts) and Dan Carpenter (8.0 pts) for Now I’m Done and DeSean Jackson (18.4 pts) and Emmanuel Sanders (13.0 pts) for Optimist Prime.


3 Badass Honey Badgers (Aussie Brown) 96.98 vs 8 Inconcievable (Gabe Durrant) 74.18

Summary: Vincent Jackson and Marshawn Lynch carry Badass Honey Badgers to the biggest blowout of the week over Jay Cutler and Inconcievable.

Game High Points: Marshawn Lynch 27.5 (Badass Honey Badgers)

Surprise of the Game: Vincent Jackson (Badass Honey Badgers) scored 23.4 points.

Most Disappointing Performance: Coby Fleener and Nate Washington combined to score 3.1 points for Inconcievable.

Notables: Both teams left a few points on the bench with the most relevant being Cam Newton’s 30.68 on Inconcievable’s bench.


4 Stig-o-sauruseseses (Stigosaurus) 97.98 vs 7 130lbs of Kosar (Brownie’s Year) 79.34

Summary: Brandon Marshall and Reggie Bush lead Stig-o-sauruseseses over Giovanni Bernard and 130lbs of Kosar.

Game High Points: Brandon Marshall 20.7 (Stig-o-sauruseseses)

Surprise of the Game: Giovanni Bernard scored 16.0 points for 130lbs of Kosar.

Most Disappointing Performance: Jason Witten only scored 2.7 points for 130lbs of Kosar. Stig-o-sauruseseses started Stevie Johnson, not realizing he was inactive until it was too late.

Notables: There were very few points left on the bench in this game. Stig-o-sauruseseses could have started Chris Givens (2.0 pts) over the inactive Stevie Johnson, and Sam Bradford’s 17.08 points were a bit better than Robert Griffin III’s 14.54 for 130lbs of Kosar.


6 Brownie the Elf (emily522) 64.68 vs 11 TWB Gets Laid (Ted Washington’s Belly) 83.70

Summary: TWB Gets Laid picks up his second win of the year, knocking off Andre Ellington and Brownie the Elf.

Game High Points: Andre Ellington 15.2 (Brownie the Elf)

Surprise of the Game: I hate to get redundant, but Andre Ellington is the best candidate for surprise of the game, mostly because there aren’t any other good candidates.

Most Disappointing Performance: Brownie the Elf had 5 players score 5.0 or fewer points. TWB Gets Laid didn’t have any player fail to eclipse 5.0 points.

Notables: Brownie the Elf left very few points on the bench. TWB Gets Laid, on the other hand, had Larry Fitzgerald (16.1 pts) and Stevan Ridley (23.0 pts) on his bench.


10 Tucks Gong Shows (TuckJob) 96.94 vs 12 Weeden Cough Syrup (SpecialBrownie) 118.52

Summary: Weeden Cough Syrup wins back-to-back games as Vernon Davis carries him over Knowshon Moreno and Tucks Gong Shows.

Game High Points: Vernon Davis 30.0 (Weeden Cough Syrup)

Surprise of the Game: Credit to Knowshon Moreno (Tucks Gong Shows) who’s 28.4 points would be good for game high points more often than not.

Most Disappointing Performance: Calvin Johnson (2.5 pts) and Roddy White (bye week) were the only players for Weeden Cough Syrup that failed to score in double digits. Sebastian Janikowski managed only 1.0 point for Tucks Gong Shows.

Notables: James Jones and Jimmy Graham combined for only 1.0 point for Tucks Gong Shows as they both sustained injuries. Both teams had a QB on their bench outscore their starter by roughly 1 point. Tucks Gong Shows wishes he could sub Kenbrell Thompkins (10.5 pts) for the injured James Jones (1.0 pts).



1 5-1 Simms’ Unsullied

2 4-2 Optimist Prime

3 4-2 Badass Honey Badgers

4 3-3 Stig-o-sauruseseses

5 3-3 Now I’m Done

6 3-3 Brownie the Elf

7 3-3 130lbs of Kosar

8 3-3 Inconcievable

9 2-4 Kosar for President

10 2-4 Tucks Gong Shows

11 2-4 TWB Gets Laid

12 2-4 Weeden Cough Syrup


Week 7 Matchups (Rank, Team, Yahoo projection*)

1 Simms’ Unsullied (92.06) vs 8 Inconcievable (91.25)

2 Optimist Prime (72.77) vs 11 TWB Gets Laid (96.09)

3 Badass Honey Badgers (98.20) vs 10 Tucks Gong Shows (65.82)

4 Stig-o-sauruseseses (83.21) vs 5 Now I’m Done (99.52)

6 Brownie the Elf (91.54) vs 12 Weeden Cough Syrup (94.26)

7 130lbs of Kosar (90.67) vs 9 Kosar for President (88.37)

*Projected points as of the writing of this page.

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