Legoman's Game Review

I'll try it this way this time, see if it works out. For those that haven't seen me do this before, I just like to re-watch the game on my DVR and post whatever random thoughts occur to me while I'm watching what turned out to be a stinker of a game against Cincy. Here we go.

First play of the game (nullified by penalty). Little swing pass to AJ Green. Why can't we do these sorts of things with our receivers? I like moving them around and getting them the ball like that.

Encouraging signs for 3rd down defense. We got off the field very well to start the game.

Early on, both Willis and Obi found enough of a crease to make some decent runs. One of McGahee's got blown up by a blitzing safety, I think our blocking just didn't account for that guy coming down into the box so hard.

On Obi's big run, it looked like the fake end around to Gordon really froze them. Their defenders looked like they got whiplash from trying to find the football.

On our first wildcat play (6:45 left in 1st), it looked like an option play with Edwards and Little, but it looks like Edwards never had any intention of pitching it. I think that could have gotten a few more yards, albeit with the riskiness of the pitch associated with it.

On our second goal-to-go possession in the first, why does Campbell miss that throw on second down so bad? I don't think the wind would affect such a short throw that much, right? That was probably a foot over Obi's outstretched hand, and he jumped to get to it. It looks like it split the difference between Obi and Little, and left neither with a play on the ball. On 3rd down he throws to Gordon who has single coverage, but the throw doesn't leave Gordon enough room to get his feet down even if it's not swatted away. Like others have said, coming away from these two possessions with 6 points is an atrocity. 6 goal-to-go plays, and Cameron only had 1 target (which was uncatchable anyways).

This is where it gets weird. I remember watching the Bengals fail to pick up the 3rd and 20, then I went back to work and got some stuff done, thinking that everything was okay. And it all fell apart. On the pick six, I know that our offensive guys want to strip the ball, but you have to get that guy on the ground. Give the defense a chance to get a stop. They got saved by the penalty a little bit, though. On the ensuing Gresham TD, same story for the defense. Get the guy down. Robertson is hanging on the ball, probably all he can do from where he's at, then TJ just whiffs, and Joe puts a shoulder into Gresham but that's not enough to stop him. Especially when it's such a big guy, you have to wrap him up and drag him down. That being said, heck of a throw by Dalton.

9:30, 2nd quarter. Run play for Obi, it looks to me like we have a numbers advantage and a better push on the left, but the run went to the right, where it got stuffed for about a yard. Our O-line seemed to get a good push, but the two blockers at the point of attack where Obi went were Barnidge and Cameron. That just doesn't seem right. I think Obi missed the better place to run. As much as I like him, I'm not sure I like how heavily he was utilized yesterday when we have Fozzy's speed, as well as our WRs and TEs that didn't get all that involved in the passing game. Obi had 14 touches (as well as 6 missed targets, per ESPN). That's 30% of the total touches on the team. We may have gone overboard on the "use Obi more" plan.

7:00, 2nd. Slant to Gordon. Easy completion. Why can't we do this more than once per game? I like our coaches, I really do. I just don't understand why we can't get our best playmaker more involved. I would run this 5 times a game with Gordon as the first option, until they start jumping the slant. On the next two plays, I wish I had All-22. Campbell throws two checkdowns. I wonder if there were better options downfield.

Alright, I'm getting depressed and I've written enough. I don't want to steal Chris's thunder or anything. It was a rough game. I wish we had been more creative with getting the ball to Cameron and Gordon. Our execution was poor. Big ST blunders blew it. Let's beat the Steelers.

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