Week 11 UDBNFL Review

6 Simms’ Unsullied (Jon Stinchcomb) 51.60 vs 4 Now I’m Done (StuckInPa) 75.32

Summary: Now I’m Done scores his third consecutive victory while handing Simms’ Unsullied his fourth loss in a row.

Game High Points: Charles Clay 15.0 (Now I’m Done)

Surprise of the Game: Charles Clay is the only player who qualifies.

Most Disappointing Performance: Too many to list as each team had only two players reach double digit points.

Notables: AJ Green had only 0.7 points for Now I’m Done as Joe Haden shut him down again. Reuben Randle (9.7 pts) and Doug Baldwin (12.3 pts) scored some points on Simms’ Unsullied’s bench.


1 TWB Gets Laid (Ted Washington’s Belly) 143.82 vs 3 Badass Honey Badgers (Aussie Brown) 133.62

Summary: TWB Gets Laid won a high-scoring game over Badass Honey Badgers and jumped from 6th place to 1st place in the process.

Game High Points: Cin Def 27.0 (TWB Gets Laid)

Surprise of the Game: Antonio Brown scored 25.9 points for TWB Gets Laid.

Most Disappointing Performance: Danny Woodhead was held to 3.7 points for Badass Honey Badgers.

Notables: TWB Gets Laid had Bobby Rainey (34.7 pts) and Jordy Nelson (11.7 pts) on his bench. Both teams had three players break 20 points, and two of those broke 25 for TWB Gets Laid. TWB Gets Laid rode rivals of the Browns to fantasy victory and first place, and will surely be punished.


2 Optimist Prime (The Licensed Optimist) 92.80 vs 10 130lbs of Kosar (Brownie’s Year) 91.96

Summary: Rashad Jennings helped lift Optimist Prime to a tight victory over 130lbs of Kosar.

Game High Points: Robert Griffin III 23.96 (130lbs of Kosar)

Surprise of the Game: Rashad Jennings’ 20.8 points certainly qualify as surprising.

Most Disappointing Performance: Det Def scored -3.0 points while CJ Spiller had only 1.6, both for 130lbs of Kosar.

Notables: Pierre Thomas (8.4 pts), Jarrett Boykin (9.1 pts), and Delanie Walker (15.1 pts) all scored meaningful points from the bench of Optimist Prime.


5 Stig-o-sauruseseses (Stigosaurus) 81.50 vs 7 Weeden Cough Syrup (SpecialBrownie) 107.28

Summary: Calvin Johnson carried Weeden Cough Syrup over Stig-o-sauruseseses, who dropped from first place all the way to fifth.

Game High Points: Calvin Johnson 29.9 (Weeden Cough Syrup)

Surprise of the Game: Calvin Johnson qualifies, as does LeSean McCoy (27.0 points, Stig-o-sauruseseses)

Most Disappointing Performance: Ten Def scored 0.0 points while Reggie Bush and Brandon Marshall combined for only 7.6 points, all for Stig-o-sauruseseses.

Notables: Donald Brown scored 21.4 points from the bench for Stig-o-sauruseseses. Quote of the week this week is courtesy of TWB Gets Laid: "First is cursed". If it is, it’s coming for you next, Belly.


8 Brownie the Elf (emily522) 84.08 vs 12 Kosar for President (Weeden2Gordon) 80.24

Summary: Brownie the Elf knocks off Kosar for President, handing him his fourth consecutive loss.

Game High Points: Ray Rice 20.8 (Brownie the Elf)

Surprise of the Game: Greg Olsen scored 11.2 points for Brownie the Elf.

Most Disappointing Performance: Kosar for President’s tight end (Empty) failed to score any points at all. Guess he should have started Julius Thomas or Scott Chandler, both of whom were on his bench.

Notables: In addition to two tight ends, Kosar for President also had Torrey Smith (9.2 pts) on his bench. Chris Ivory (15.8 pts) was on the bench for Brownie the Elf.


9 Inconcievable (Gabe Durrant) 108.66 vs 11 Tucks Gong Shows (TuckJob) 59.72

Summary: Inconcievable crushed Tucks Gong Shows in the biggest blowout of the week.

Game High Points: Cam Newton 26.56 (Inconcievable)

Surprise of the Game: Joique Bell totaled 15.7 points for Inconcievable.

Most Disappointing Performance: Any time a starter fails to reach 1.0 points it’s a disappointment. This time it was Marvin Jones for Inconcievable.

Notables: Inconcievable left little on the bench while Colin Kaepernick (14.58 pts) and Harry Douglas (19.4 pts) both had strong games from Tucks Gong Shows’ bench.



1 6-5 TWB Gets Laid

2 6-5 Optimist Prime

3 6-5 Badass Honey Badgers

4 6-5 Now I’m Done

5 6-5 Stig-o-sauruseseses

6 6-5 Simms’ Unsullied

7 6-5 Weeden Cough Syrup

8 6-5 Brownie the Elf

9 6-5 Inconcievable

10 5-6 130lbs of Kosar

11 4-7 Tucks Gong Shows

12 3-8 Kosar for President


Week 12 Matchups

1 TWB Gets Laid vs 6 Simms’ Unsullied

2 Optimist Prime vs 12 Kosar for President

3 Badass Honey Badgers vs 7 Weeden Cough Syrup

4 Now I’m Done vs 10 130lbs of Kosar

5 Stig-o-sauruseseses vs 11 Tucks Gong Shows

8 Brownie the Elf vs 9 Inconcievable

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