Tebow: A Case for the Browns to Consider

Alright, let's get this out of the way before any discussion on the merit of Tim Tebow as a football player commences. I have no fanatical Christian reasons for endorsing Tebow as the Browns QB. I have no agenda to publicly promote "Tebowing" to advance any sort of religious beliefs. All arguments stated here are meant exactly as stated, and there is no secret meaning. With this disclaimer out of the way...

The Browns O-Line clearly is a bit porous and statuesque QBs (i.e. Weeden) don't have the time to stand, think and throw. Mobile QBs that can escape the pressure (Campbell/Hoyer) have found more success. So as we proceed forward with the assumption that Campbell will at best be partially broken and at worst incapacitated for quite some time, it is worth examination alternatives to the abomination that Weeden has become to Cleveland quarterbacking.

Several names have been floated (Caleb Hanie, Vince Young, Tyler Thigpen, etc.) however I think one name that should legitimately garner consideration is Tim Tebow. Why?

  1. Mobility: Tebow, unlike Weeden, thrives on chaos. He has an awkward release, sucks at reading coverages and is generally considered one of the worst all time pocket QBs to ever win a playoff game. But when the pocket collapses (and with our O-Line, it will often) that's when he confuses the defense. He eludes the blitzers, figures out how the WRs improvise and take the defense into uncharted/unstudied territory. It is this chaos where Tebow finds his strength relative to the defense, and it this chaos which we are so adept at unintentionally creating
  2. Entertainment: Say what you like, but this season is all-but-over. Tebow at least will give us someone to marvel at, or jeer at, and provide a reason to continue watching football to the bitter end. You don't have to like him, and can laugh when James Harrison pummels him. Or you can enjoy his art of managing chaos. Or you can laugh at all of the national NFL commentators who are immediately drawn to the Browns merely because of Tim Tebow. It would be a giant publicity stunt, in a schadenfroh kind of way, it would be hilarious. It would also give DBNers weeks of forum banter, both positive and negative.
  3. Humanity: Throwing Weeden, or concussed Campbell to the wolves is cruel. Weeden is just going to end up hurt like all of our other QBs. Campbell is old and will soon be forgetting his kids soccer games. Tebow will have the best chance of escaping the rush, and he's already proven to have pretty hard skin and a thick skull.
  4. Win - Win: If Tebow loses, we mock him and dump him in the off season. Moreover, we'll have an awesome draft slot to pick the QB of the future. If we win, then we WIN!!! No one ever complains after a win.

All in all, we have nothing to lose by signing Tim Tebow. We know we're a pathetic deflated inescapable morass of sadness with Brandon Weeden. Why not try something completely opposite? Could be fun? Or it will be a painful remaineder of the season.

Fill out the poll, and let us know what you think.

This is a fan-created post. Dawgs By Nature assumes no responsibility for the content listed.

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