Week 15 UDBNFL Review

1 Now I’m Done (StuckInPa) 114.26 vs 4 Weeden Cough Syrup (SpecialBrownie) 93.60

Summary: Now I’m Done was the only higher-ranked team to win a game this week, knocking off Weeden Cough Syrup for a shot at the championship.

Game High Points: DeAngelo Williams 22.8 (Weeden Cough Syrup)

Surprise of the Game: DeAngelo Williams had a very strong game, tripling his projected score.

Most Disappointing Performance: Charles Clay scored only 0.6 points for Now I’m Done while Weeden Cough Syrup started the inactive Maurice Jones-Drew.

Notables: There were a handful of points left on the bench for both teams. Had they each played their optimal lineup Now I’m Done would have still won.


2 Optimist Prime (The Licensed Optimist) 113.82 vs 3 TWB Gets Laid (Ted Washington’s Belly) 136.52

Summary: TWB Gets Laid moves on to the championship with a win over Optimist Prime in the biggest blowout of the week.

Game High Points: Nick Foles 34.22 (TWB Gets Laid)

Surprise of the Game: There are a couple of candidates, but the kickers deserve it here. Phil Dawson (TWB Gets Laid) scored 17.0 points and Justin Tucker (Optimist Prime) scored 23.0.

Most Disappointing Performance: Andre Brown scored 2.6 points while NO Def was held at 0.0 points, both for Optimist Prime.

Notables: TWB Gets Laid left Jordy Nelson (12.1 pts) on his bench while Jordan Todman (15.3 pts) and Julian Edelman (19.9 pts) could have improved Optimist Prime’s total.


5 Brownie the Elf (emily522) 72.60 vs 8 Simms’ Unsullied (Jon Stinchcomb) 93.88

Summary: Simms’ Unsullied defeated Brownie the Elf for a chance at 5th place in the consolation bracket.

Game High Points: Eddie Lacy 23.1 (Simms’ Unsullied)

Surprise of the Game: Andre Ellington had a strong game for Brownie the Elf, scoring 15.8 points.

Most Disappointing Performance: There were plenty to choose from, including Victor Cruz (2.5 pts) and Jared Cook (0.8 pts) for Simms’ Unsullied and Eric Decker (4.2 pts) and Jordan Cameron (2.3 pts) for Brownie the Elf. .

Notables: There were few points on the bench for these two teams, with the notable exception of Trent Richardson with 16.2 points from Brownie the Elf’s bench.


6 Stig-o-sauruseseses (Stigosaurus) 96.74 vs 7 130lbs of Kosar (Brownie’s Year) 109.08

Summary: Stig-o-sauruseseses loses the game and a chance at 5th place to 130lbs of Kosar.

Game High Points: Alex Smith 31.18 (130lbs of Kosar)

Surprise of the Game: Alex Smith threw 5 TD passes. No one expected that.

Most Disappointing Performance: Shane Vereen scored 2.1 points while Dal Def scored 0.0 points, both for Stig-o-sauruseseses.

Notables: There were a few points left on the bench, but not enough to make a meaningful difference.



1 9-5 Now I’m Done

2 9-5 Optimist Prime

3 8-6 TWB Gets Laid

4 8-6 Weeden Cough Syrup

5 8-6 Brownie the Elf

6 7-7 Stig-o-sauruseseses

7 7-7 130lbs of Kosar

8 7-7 Simms’ Unsullied

9 7-7 Inconcievable

10 6-8 Badass Honey Badgers

11 5-9 Tucks Gong Shows

12 3-11 Kosar for President


Week 16 Matchups

Playoffs-Round Two

1 Now I’m Done vs 3 TWB Gets Laid

2 Optimist Prime vs 4 Weeden Cough Syrup

7 130lbs of Kosar vs 8 Simms’ Unsullied

5 Brownie the Elf vs 6 Stig-o-sauruseseses

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