Connor Barwin Doesn't Want to Sign With the Cleveland Browns

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Texans free agent outside linebacker Connor Barwin joined Adam Schein and Rich Gannon on The SiriusXM Blitz Monday afternoon to talk about his potential landing spots in free agency. The hosts asked Barwin if there were any teams he'd like to play for, and he basically played the, "give me a team, and I'll let you know" game. Here is how things started off:

Barwin: "Tell me teams you think I might go to."

Schein: "The New England Patriots."

Barwin: "That would be nice."

Schein: "The Miami Dolphins."

Barwin: "We'll see what happens, they could be on the list."

Schein: "Indianapolis Colts"

Barwin: "They would seem to have a lot of interest. That would be very interesting."

Schein: "Could you do it? Would you do it?"

Barwin: "Well, there's a lot of factors that would have to come into play to make me do it. That would be hard to go there and play, but I'm sure they could change my mind with a couple different things."

After that, Barwin started going off on a tangent about how he wanted to play with a team that had stability at the quarterback position, and one that had already established winning traditions as of late. He indicated that he would settle for less money if he knew he would play for a team that could win. That's when Schein brought up...the Cleveland Browns.

Schein: "So you're not necessarily looking for a rebuilding situation. I'll give you an example. You're not signing...with the Cleveland Browns? Cleveland has money. Connor Barwin's not playing for the Cleveland Browns, [right]?"

Barwin: "Yeah...I don't think I'm going to be playing for the Cleveland Browns."

The Patriots are a definite. The Dolphins are a possibility (Ryan Tannehill + they haven't exactly torn up the AFC East in a long time). The Colts, a division rival, could lure him with the right offer. The Browns, who have the highest cap space in the league and an intriguing new defensive coordinator, get a quick, "no." Not even a hesitation. Barwin is officially dead to me. You can listen to the audio yourself below.

Barwin isn't the only player to shoot down Cleveland. Cornerback William Gay, who just signed with the Steelers, played for Ray Horton in Arizona last year. The Cardinals just released him, and Pittsburgh signed him (he was with Pittsburgh from 2007-2011). When a Pittsburgh reporter asked him about joining Cleveland?

He is dead to me too.

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