2013 NFL Schedule: Cleveland Browns Schedule

Matt Sullivan

Here is the Cleveland Browns' 2013 NFL Schedule:

Week Date Away Home Time TV
1 9/8/2013 Miami Dolphins vs. Cleveland Browns 1:00 PM CBS
2 9/15/2013 Cleveland Browns vs. Baltimore Ravens 1:00 PM CBS
3 9/22/2013 Cleveland Browns vs. Minnesota Vikings 1:00 PM CBS
4 9/29/2013 Cincinnati Bengals vs. Cleveland Browns 1:00 PM CBS
5 10/3/2013 Buffalo Bills vs. Cleveland Browns 8:25 PM NFLN
6 10/13/2013 Detroit Lions vs. Cleveland Browns 1:00 PM FOX
7 10/20/2013 Cleveland Browns vs. Green Bay Packers 4:25 PM CBS
8 10/27/2013 Cleveland Browns vs. Kansas City Chiefs 1:00 PM CBS
9 11/3/2013 Baltimore Ravens vs. Cleveland Browns 4:25 PM CBS
10 BYE
11 11/17/2013 Cleveland Browns vs. Cincinnati Bengals 1:00 PM CBS
12 11/24/2013 Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cleveland Browns 1:00 PM CBS
13 12/1/2013 Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Cleveland Browns 1:00 PM CBS
14 12/8/2013 Cleveland Browns vs. New England Patriots 1:00 PM CBS
15 12/15/2013 Chicago Bears vs. Cleveland Browns 1:00 PM FOX
16 12/22/2013 Cleveland Browns vs. New York Jets 1:00 PM CBS
17 12/29/2013 Cleveland Browns vs. Pittsburgh Steelers 1:00 PM CBS

  • The Browns kick off the season against the Miami Dolphins at home, where Cleveland will get a taste right away of wide receiver Mike Wallace in a bout between second-year quarterbacks Brandon Weeden and Ryan Tannehill.
  • Rob Chudzinski will get an early chance to face the defending Super Bowl Champions on the road, in a game that will show if Ray Horton's defense will be fierce in the AFC North. It doesn't get much easier facing Adrian Peterson one week later.
  • From Week 4 to Week 6, the Browns play three straight games, including a prime time game against...the Buffalo Bills? Well, I guess it breaks the tradition of us only facing the Ravens and Steelers in prime time. It's actually a great three-game home stretch, considering all three contests seem winnable.
  • The Browns will face the Ravens twice before they face the Steelers once. I like having the bye at the mid-way point of the season again. After the bye, they pick up with two division games.
  • From Week 12 to Week 16, the Browns have two favorable matchups (Jaguars and the Jets) and two tough ones (Patriots and Bears). Overall, it's not a bad mix.
  • The Browns close out the season against the Steelers again. I would dread it so much if Cleveland was actually competing for the playoffs that late into the season.

I think this is a very well structured schedule for Cleveland. There isn't an extended "brutal" stretch. What do you guys think? Is there a certain game you know you'll be getting tickets for?

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