Browns Need Chudzinski to Come In and Work Some Magic

The Cleveland Browns have a lot of room for improvement. What more can be said when a teams record puts them at 5-11 and last in their division. New head coach Rob Chudzinski is coming into a situation that is going to allow him some flexibility, but also where he is expected to succeed. However, things aren't all bad. Last year the Browns took a big chance by drafting Trent Richardson with the 5th overall pick. Taking a running back that high these days is considered a gamble at best, stupid at worst. Even though Richardson likely won't be the next Adrian Peterson, he showed enough for us to see that he can be a top echelon back in the NFL. The Browns are coming in to this draft with the number 6th overall selection. There will be a lot of talent on the board, but a pick that high is going to demand a hefty contract. The Browns have some holes to fill, so let's see what is a good scenario for them.


What is unfortunate for the Browns is they have two quarterbacks on their roster who will likely play in the NFL for years, but they don't want either one to be the face of the franchise. The biggest problem comes in to place when you look at the talent available at the quarterback position this draft. It's been well publicized that this isn't the draft to spend a high pick on QB, and the Browns would be wise to follow that school of thought.

Outside Linebacker

The Browns are making the transition to a 3-4 defense and are going to need to retool their defensive personnel to be successful. They already have a star pass rusher in Jabaal Sheard, but they are going to need more. Ray Horton is the new defensive coordinator and he is going to look to build something similar to what he did in Arizona.


The Browns have a stud at one of the cornerback spots, Joe Hayden, the problem is when you line up with 11 men you need to put at least two corners on the field. If they can get a guy who will be a capable starter from week 1, it will go a long way towards bringing this defense to where it needs to be.


They spent a high draft pick on Richardson last season, they would be wise to protect him. Last year he had to play through cracked ribs, and even behind the best lines an NFL running back takes a lot of punishment. It's likely that John Greco will be able to step up and solidify the left guard position, but they will still need someone on the right side. Many teams have shown in recent years that building your team from the line out, on both sides of the ball, can bring solid success, not flash-in-the-pan highlights.

Tight End

Ben Watson has been here for the last three seasons, and he is not giving the team the production they expected from him when they acquired him. He has only given mediocre play and the team would likely see a big boost in overall offensive production with a more explosive player. Even though it is not the most glaring need for them, it is a position they should pay attention to if the right prospect is available in the later rounds.

The Browns have the 6th overall pick, and they are likely to spend it on defense. Some scouts think there is no way the Dee Milliner will be available when the Browns get on the clock, but if he is they should take him. He has great size for a corner, 6 foot 1, 200 lbs, and is a natural athlete. He is very smooth and fluid with very little wasted motion in his effort. He plays aggressively, fast, and doesn't mind getting his jersey dirty. He routinely is around the football and will gladly kick up some dirt while driving on the ball to make a play. He also has great instincts and thrives in the toughest of assignments; man-to-man coverage against an NFL receiver. He is only a junior, and has some growing to do in regards to his football IQ, but he will be a player in the league for many years to come. If the Browns can get their hands on him, their starting cornerback duo is going to really frustrate the AFC North.

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