Browns 7 Round Mock Draft

Hey guys I wanted to share with you my 7 Round 2013 NFL Mock Draft for the Browns, and my reasoning behind the picks. If you want to see who all was still on the board at the various picks check out the full mock here!

Round 1: CB Dee Milliner, Alabama-

I think this is a prime trade back spot as the Browns don't have a need at some of the key positions on the board, but I didn't mock trades in this draft. Instead I decided to pair up Joe Haden with the top corner from this draft in Milliner. With the expected increase pass rush and the two of them manning the corner spots the Browns pass defense just got a whole lot better.

Round 3: TE Vance McDonald, Rice-

TE is a weak spot for the Browns, and McDonald is a nice pick because not only does he project to be a good receiver, but he should develop into a nice blocker as well. He reminds me of a faster version of Heath Miller. He'd be a nice weapon to add for Weeden and should help Cleveland right away.

Round 4: ILB Kiko Alonzo, Oregon-

I love Jackson, but feel the Browns could use an upgrade next to him. Alonzo is a very athletic linebacker with a lot of upside. I think by the end of his rookie year he could be starting.

Round 5: OLB Chase Thomas, Stanford-

The Browns have nice OLB starters, but all it takes is for an injury or two and the Browns pass rush grinds to a halt. Thomas is a nice later round pick-up. Not the fastest or most athletically gifted, but has good instincts and generates a good bit of pressure.

Round 5: S Zeke Motta, Notre Dame-

This is a nice value pick for the Browns as Motta could easily go 20-40 picks higher. It continues to bolster their secondary, and strengthen that defense. He might not be more than a special teamer as a rookie, but he does have the potential to become a starter.

Round 6: RB Marcus Lattimore, South Carolina-

I firmly believe Lattimore is a going to fall and when he does I think the Browns should jump at the chance to pick him up. They can keep him on IR for next year, and then will have a very intriguing back to pair with Trent Richardson. Lattimore may never fully recover, but if he does this is a great pick for them.

Round 7: WR Mark Harrison, Rutgers-

The Browns receivers are still a question mark behind Josh Gordon. Harrison is an intriguing late round guy, who offers really nice size. He won't give them much as a rookie, but in a year or two would be an interesting guy to see how he develops.

-Overall I went very defensive centric in this draft. I did it partly due to the fact that the Browns have drafted a lot of offensive pieces in recent years, and also due to the fact that I felt like I was getting good value. I think a draft like this could complete the offseason overhaul of the Browns defense.

This is a fan-created post. Dawgs By Nature assumes no responsibility for the content listed.

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