When Players Become Fans And The Problems It Presents

Anyone seen this dickhead and Josh Gordon in the same room before? - Gregory Shamus

Dear Browns players, stay off twitter when it comes to being a fan.

If you follow DBN on twitter, you have a clue of what I think of lebron (yes that is meant to be in lower case). If you aren't following DBN on twitter, what are you waiting for? Do it now. I'll wait.

Last night lebron "won" his 2nd NBA championship. Most of Ohio and good people everywhere were rooting against the Heat.

Too bad some Cleveland athletes didn't get the memo, but we will get to that in a minute.

I'm not asking every Browns player to throw away years of fandom because they were drafted/signed by the Browns. I'm not saying that they make the plunge that Joe Haden has, immersing himself into every Cleveland team.

Just don't piss in my face.

This isn't rocket science, yet many different Browns players struggled with this Thursday night. Guess I shouldn't be shocked, just look at the asshole that they were "rooting" for. We are talking about the one guy that had Cleveland by the short and curlies, yet rooted for the Yanks when they were in town. When the Cowboys came rolling into Cleveland, he was on the field, for the Cowboys. It bothered many, but we overlooked it. After all, he was "our" guy, from our town. Just keep on ballin' lebron.

Want to be a Yankees/Cowboys/Heat/Lakers fan? Super, just don't be a dick. Is this hard? I go around all day long and don't act like a dick. But for some Browns players, this is comparable to splitting an atom with a butter knife.

As the Heat were putting on the final touches to their 2nd straight championship (in front of the America's worst fan base mind you) Cleveland Browns players took to twitter.

First up, Josh Gordon. You know, the guy who is suspended for the first two games? The guy who has cost his team with his off the field actions?

It got worse.

Like I said, don't be a dick.

But then, a guy I love on defense, Phil Taylor showed up to the party.

It got worse from there. He began RT'ing upset Browns fans. Anyone who said anything rude or silly was RT'd, which just gets more of the same reaction. Phil Taylor was showing that he was either immature or trolling. Either one should be unacceptable. But he didn't slow down.

Then he shows that he just doesn't understand it.

Jabaal Sheard, who I forgive since he is actually from Florida, posted a picture.

Be a fan of who you want, but don't piss in my face. What does Jabaal Sheard gain from this, other than pissing off HIS fans? Will he suddenly be more liked in Florida?

Thankfully, the media weighed in and brought some sense.

And last but certainly not least, LeCharles Bentley dropped a truth bomb.

At the end of the day, we will root for Phil Taylor, Josh Gordon, Jabaal Sheard and every other Browns player once the season starts.

But for a franchise that is desperate need of connecting with fans, how is someone not taught these kids better? Pulled them aside and knock some common sense into their heads?

Let me be the first then. Dear players, don't be a dick. Good life lesson. One some Cleveland athletes should learn.

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