OT: Beer v3.0


Ahh yes it's that time of year again: The offseason which is about to ramp up into the training season which then proceeds to the fantasy football speculation season which then leads into Peter King flapping his fat mouth about things he thinks he knows about (wait, isnt that all year?), which FINALLY brings us to football season.

Q: So what should we do in the mean time?

The beer industry has been growing exponentially on a yearly basis to the point where we have overcome the previous record for number of breweries in the US by a large margin. There are more beers in the world than I could ever count or hope to taste without dying of acute liver failure (but that wont stop me from trying), which is why this is a perfect topic for an OT; well, that and beer is good.

Those of you who know me are aware that I am passionate about everything beer. I have had a dream to work in the beer industry for some time and as of the beginning of this year, my dream has partially come to fruition: I got a part-time gig as the Buffalo sales rep for a brewery that is based just south of Rochester. I let them know my full-time intentions immediately upon hire and told them I would be doing way more than just tasting events. I have never liked sales in the past as the products I have sold I never really cared about (sorry, but a checking account is just not something to EVER be excited about) even though I am good at product pushing. When it comes to beer, I can talk all day about it and to be able to provide a superior product to establishments really gets me going. At this point, I am still only part-time and am ever working towards my goal of full-time. Wish me luck on that one!

I am about a month away from taking the BJCP exam to become a certified beer judge. I took the prequalifier exam this past weekend and was surprised that it totally kicked my ass. I don't feel too bad for failing this first time as a friend who is an anesthesiologist assistant said that the BJCP prequal was much harder than his anesthesiology certification. Now that I know how the test runs, I will be giving it another shot in a couple days or so.

I am also an avid homebrewer. I love to try people's homebrews and come up with new recipes of my own. I havent been able to brew as much since moving out to Buffalo but that is slowly changing. I have started a kind of mini-brew group here in Buffalo where we meet once each season at someone's house to brew for the coming season. We also try all kinds of beers and eat tons of food and I would considered it a pretty damn good time.

In This Thread:
Talk about everything beer! What you love and why you love it, what you hate and why you hate it. The morality around drinking. Why you choose to or not to drink. Your first beer. Your favorite brewery. Any interesting facts. What makes someone a beer snob in your opinion. Why you don't consider yourself a beer snob even though you scoff at Bud, Miller, Coors (BMC for future reference). The politics around beer. The history of beer.

I am on an app called Untappd. If you really want to start getting into beer or if you already are but have not heard about this app, I suggest getting it for your phone or even just signing up for the online version. Its free and it can really help you explore the world of beer more efficiently. If you are so inclined, feel free to add me as a friend by searching for pwndabear.

Lastly, if you have any questions about beer, the industry or history behind it, homebrewing, etc, PLEASE ASK! There is a culture around beer that is much more than just getting drunk and I try as much as I can to promote that aspect.

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