DBN Radio: Browns' Bernie Kosar, Reflecting on Rams, and Looking Forward to Lions

After being on hiatus last week, tonight, August 13th, Episode 8 of DBN Radio goes LIVE at 7 PM EST. Make sure you tune in a couple of minutes early so that you can participate in the chat room discussion on the streaming page. All of the information you need to know about tonight's show is listed below:

Click Here to Listen LIVE at 7 PM EST

Want to Ask a Question or Leave an Opinion?

  1. Call In: 347-838-9742 to listen, and then press '1' to have your call screened.
  2. Tweet: Send us a tweet with the hashtag #DBNRadio
  3. Email: Send us questions before the show at DBNPodcast@gmail.com
  4. Chat: Use the chat room at the bottom of the DBN Radio page.

Topics to be Covered on Today's Show:

  1. After a two-week break, our regular host, Matt Wood, will be back on the air! He may not be talking about Jimmy Haslam this week, but he'll turn his attention to the whole Bernie Kosar situation, and I'm sure he'll have some choice words for how Browns CEO Joe Banner handled things. (Don't worry, we won't spend too much time on the Kosar stuff!)

  2. After we cut away from our soapbox, it'll be time to get back to football. The Browns did a lot of things right in last week's preseason game against the St. Louis Rams. The guys will talk about what they liked, performances that stood out, etc.

  3. We'll also look forward to this Thursday's game against the Detroit Lions. What type of challenge will the Lions present that the Rams didn't? Will the Browns' starters get a whole half of play?

  4. With injuries popping up left and right around the NFL (the Chiefs almost suffered a scare with RB Jamaal Charles again), we'll bring up how nervous we always are about the injury bug hitting the Browns -- hell, I mean, just look what it's done to Montario Hardesty's career.

As stated earlier, Matt Wood will be hosting this week, and he'll be joined by none other than Jon Stinchcomb (sadly, he is not the former offensive lineman). We missed a few phone calls two weeks ago, but we'll be on top of things today! Be sure to call in to jump in to a conversation! It all starts at 7 PM EST tonight!

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