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Morning all! I'm here from the Daily Norseman sort of an early envoy. I usually get this started around Wednesday but since you all beat me to the punch here I am! This is basically a meet and greet and a place to talk about our favorite sport pass time. Also friendly (and not so friendly I guess) bites and barbs are welcome it is football after all and c'mon now we're Vikings and Dogs by nature

Let's first start of with a little intro to the Vikes:


Ok now the rest of the team. Actually AD is doing fine this year but by no means popping the crazy uards he was last year. Still he's doing pretty dang good as is and I don't think anyone is to upset he's not pegging 2,500k yards this season. The reason for this? Well our line got eaten like a twinkie at a fat mans buffet against Detroit and that pretty much stalled our entire offense. Ponder has looked servicable but not great in his two games, which as the faithful in full roar for a change. I don't think it's going to happen by this week though. Our receivers have been pretty dang good this year with Simpson coming out strong (from no where) and Jennings starting to work out his kinks with Ponder.

Defense, well we've been letting teams rack up some serious points against us. We have a solid line, and we will be going after whoever you have calling the plays, however, our line backers are a serious weak point right now with absolutely zero chance to actually tackle a running back. Our secondary is looking pretty legit but are suffering from a lack of LB play as well.

Things you think you thought you might have to watch out for:

AD - one of these days he's going to tee off. (Your run D seems crazy tough though)

Patterson - For some reason our OC seems allergic to rookies, but this guy has C-R-A-Z-Y speed and if you don't see him catchign passes you had better be careful because I think he can house it on any KR.

Allen and Robison - our bookend DE's have been playing very well this year with fumbles, sacks, pass deflections and heck why not throw in a TD while we're at it.

Harrison Smith - Brandon Marshal just tweeted he thinks this guy is the hardest hitting safety in the NFL and last year Calvin Johnson said much the same thing. Careful out there or you could lose you head.

Places we you can work the crap out of us:

Line backers. Seriously don't even talk about it I'm leaking already.

QB. Ponder is amazingly inconsistant, one half he's solid starter the other he should be looks like he took throwing lessons from Ryan Leaf.

Run Defense. For a team that used to pride ourselves on it, we are having a terrible time this year.

Ok now we go into the more interactive part, the Browns. Do you all think your record correctly shows your team? Eleven sacks... Wow is your line really that bad? I know you're getting your guard back, do you think that will be enough to save your QB? Oh and speaking of QB.. Do you think Wheedon will be playing? If he doesn't do you think Campbell will be a step up or a step down? Can he do the hokey pokey? Looking at your defense I have to say running the ball seems rough, but you might be weak to the pass. Thankfully we rock at passing.. Wait.. crap. ok nothing more to say on that...

So, I think you guys match up really well against us, but man you have a really hard time scoring and I think Allen and Robison will do a number on you. I think this will be low scoring though so I see you all getting a TD here and it ending up 16 - 10 Vikes.

what do you all predict? What would you all like to know about the Vikes?

Oh and good luck and may there be no injuries worse than a wounded pride.

Oh and good luck and may there be no injuries worse than a wounded pride.

This is a fan-created post. Dawgs By Nature assumes no responsibility for the content listed.

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