No Tank You Please

Man the TR trade was a little bit of a downer, not so much because it was a bad deal, it was a great deal, but because it started the whole "tanking" firestorm in the local and national media. I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you that these are not your Pat Shurmur Cleveland Browns and all this tanking talk is absolute nonsense. In addition, I would like to encourage that we discourage through flagging and ban all folks who incessantly say the Browns should tank for the 2014 draft. Ok way too harsh. But let me share 3 thoughts on why the tank talk is ridiculous.

1. Culture Building and the Trent Richardson Trade

Theoretical situation. You are walking to 7-11 to pursue you favorite beverage to watch your beloved Browns. As you walk in - you spot a lottery ticket on the ground and with your didactic memory instantly recognize it as a winner. Now you realize you are pretty loaded. Then you start thinking that in the short term it will be a pain. Friends and meth head relatives will come out of the woodwork months before you get the cash. Do you pick up the lottery ticket? Of course you do. That is all the TR trade was. A tremendously serendipitous event that we could not pass up - period. It had to be done, it had to be done when the Colts were desperate for the RB. As fantasy owner, I drafted TR overall number 8. I could not trade him for a cup of coffee.

So once we realize that this was a good thing. We want Chud to win. We want him to be aggressive. We want him to be successful. You do not get a good culture, or a good coach by losing. I could care less about Teddy, or Johnny - this is 2013 and I want a new mindset. In addition, I sincerely do not think we could even get in the top 3 picks if we wanted to. There are some god awful teams.

2. Persistence, not panic for a QB.

First things first. There are many ways to get a QB without getting the number 1 overall pick. Let me share a snapshot of today's NFL. Now before I get attacked by the stat police, this is only a glimpse, and I realize that the sample is small and you must be careful not to draw too many inferences. I took the top 10 teams per the current NFL power rankings and how they got their QBs. In this sample we likely have the 2014 SB winner. How did they invest in the QB position?

In order of investment cost. I am assuming that even with the TR trade we cannot get to premium, but can obviously get to the first rounder level. Premium Pick (1) Luck. First Rounder (1) Tannehill, Trade (2) (Cutler, Smith), Draft Bargain (4) Wilson, Kaep, Dalton, Brady; FA (2) Brees, Manning

Now for grins how did the bottom 10 teams invest? In this pool we likely have the Teddy Bridgewater sweepstakes winner. Premium Picks (2) Manning, RGIII First Rounders (6) Weeden, Ponder, Ben, Gabbert, Freeman, Manuel Draft Bargains (1) Pryor and FA (1) Dog Handler.

Now there are prolly some timing differences, there are some damn fine QBs in the bottom 10. There are some not so good QBs in the top 10 - but what is clear today is that the top 10 teams have invested less assets and capital than the bottom feeders. My take away is just simply that good QBs can come to a franchise without having to tank for teddy.

3. These are not your Shurmur Browns and Hoyer Upside

This just in - this is the most talented team since 2007 and has the most assembled talent under 27 since the return. Sometime we get hung up on if Heck or current regimes are more responsible but the facts our it doesn't matter and the new FAs and Mingo really supplement the young talent left behind. The front 7 is a top 5 or 6 unit. Would you believe that there has not been a team to have a losing record that has a top 5 rushing defense and is in the top 5 in QB sacks since 1846? Ok - I made that up and was too lazy to check but you get the point. With the playmaking ability of the defense and the strength of the front 7 - sorry we just aint gonna suck.

Now lets talk offense. Not as rosy. The running game looks like it is down for the count, before and after TR. But the receiving group is promising. Gordon and Cameron are damn good, and Bess will eat you up underneath. Unfortunately BW is likely gone with thee FO and the fact he had difficulty getting rid of the ball in his first 2 games. But Hoyer is pure upside. He can get rid of the ball. He is putting the ball for YAC. While it is way too early to crown him the starter or QBOTF - he is interesting. It was only his second start. Can he cut out the crazy bad INTs? Or is it something that is part of his mentality and will continue? I don't know, but I figure with BW we are looking at 6-7 wins, but if Hoyer can give some upside - we will be talking the P word as in playoffs in late Nov and not the T word as in Teddy or tank. Now unfortunately, you are going to have to keep the faith because the Bengals are tough and we are likely to start 1-3. But to me they are the division winners, focus on splitting with the Ravens, and sweeping the Steelers and I guarantee you it will be interesting.

This is a fan-created post. Dawgs By Nature assumes no responsibility for the content listed.

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