Davone Bess Smokes Weed?

We will always have Cleveland... - Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

What I told you that Davone Bess decided to be a complete moron today? And we have the pictures!

When Davone Bess was traded to the Cleveland Browns, many believed he would have a couple different roles with the team. First, he would be the sure handed slot receiver that would give Brandon Weeden a security blanket on 3rd downs.

Secondarily, and possibly more important for the long term future of the Cleveland Browns, he was to be a mentor for the young Browns Wideouts. The year before Bess was acquired the three leading WR's for the Browns were Greg Little, Josh Gordon and Travis Benjamin. Young, young and dropsies. Bess was going to be the one who not only gave a veteran presence on 3rd down, but also to teach the young WR's how to get better every day.

Fast forward 7 months. On the field Bess was a major disappointment, and that is being kind. But in typical Cleveland fashion, he was possibly an even bigger failure off the field. He missed the final two games after being sent home for personal reasons. Can't blame you if you missed him, as he had only two catches combined the previous two weeks.

It seems as if the extra time off for the wideout has given him time to find his inner Ansel Adams.

Nearly a week ago Bess posted an odd picture to his twitter-Instagram account. It was a picture of his smoking something that looked like a blunt. It had some run in the Cleveland media for a few days, but it seemed to cool off. But earlier today, Bess posted a close up of the picture that had so many people asking what he was thinking. (UPDATE: He has posted this picture 3 more times TODAY)

He followed that up with an odd picture of his feet over a book with what "could" be possible drug paraphernalia. I don't know, I don't smoke weed.

He then posted a picture inside his bathroom with the tag of "Meditation is da (I think it is a lightbulb? Bomb? Again, I'm not high so this doesn't make much sense to me)."

Then to top of the picture category of our tour, he posted a picture with the tag of "follow your heart" with this.

So not only does following your heart mean reading weed magazines, Bess felt like he needed to post the picture of him lighting up some sort of blunt/homemade cigarette on three different occasions.

Unfortunately for comedic purposes I was unable to add the videos he posted earlier. They lasted about 15 seconds and were nothing but him staring into the camera as if he was looking into a crystal ball as music blared in the background. I'm no expert, but he looked high as a kite.

He has finally figured out that having this out in the public eye is a bad idea, so he has switched his Instagram profile to private, so you will just have to take my word on his odd videos.

All joking aside, this is one of the most fascinating stories in the NFL right now and it is getting almost zero attention. Here we have a WR that was sent home for "personal reasons" and then has seemed to have mental breakdown on twitter. Bess could be reaching out for help, or he could have realized that he likes weed more than football.

No matter the outcome, Davone Bess should expect a drug test kit from the NFL in the near future. Whether or not he is a Cleveland Brown in the future is not so certain.

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