my thoughts on our draft this year "mock draft" hope the browns higher ups look at this!!!!

Ok soo i did a mock draft and picked players who i believe would put our beloved browns over the mark and make us into a contender ............

1st round

pick 4 sammy watkins WR

pick 26 ryan shazier OLB

the reasoning behind these two pick is we are in need of a second wideout and watkins in my opinion is the best in this draft and will be there for us to take NO WE DO NOT NEED A QB 1ST ROUND JOHNNY MANZEL IS NOT THE ANSWER...the class has alot of talented QB's plus hoyer will be back healthy so we can go after a quarterback too learn the system and groom ryan shazier ever though he is smaller he is hard hitting and with our new coach being a defensive minded guy he will fit perfect into our defense we need some LB's .......

2nd round

pick 35 carlos hyde RB

hands down hyde is a beast and its alot to say comin from a michigan fan but his yards after contact and being a bulkier pound em kind of back he would fit great in the back feild he is quick he can move well and has good down field vision..... he will be there then we need to take him

3rd round

pick 71 marcus roberson CB

pick 83 jackson jeffcoat DE

roberson is a soild corner who drops to 3rd round and jeffcoat is a talented defensive end who can do damage quick in the games i saw jeffcoat in he was reakin havoc on quarterbacks and we need that he isn't a clowney but we can use him in our defense same with roberson solid player and i think could be great on the other side of hayden plus we need depth there these players are solid pick ups

4th round

pick 102 andre williams RB

pick 123 max bullough ILB

williams one of the best running backs in college this last season is still there and would be a great complement to hyde and give us a great one two punch in the back field he is solid and quick and in our division or afc for that matter we need a good one two punch at running back i think he is a steal gettin him this late same with bullough comes from a nasty michigan state defense cause of a lil problem before the roase bowl he will drop again we need young strong linebackers so in saying that him and shazier could do damge and again this is a soild and steal of a pick up he can be a very good leader for our defense

5th round

pick 133 aaron murray QB

this is when we get out quarterback of the future murray if not for that injury is a 1st round pick all day but he falls to us in the 5th round and we take him he ran a pro style offense he set records and played to high level when the game was on the line he played alot of tough teams and sitting a year or two behind hoyer i think he could be the quarterback that we have needed for years

6th round

pick 164 cornelius lucas OT

we need a solid tackle on the right side and lucas is there for taking he is soild and played well and would be a smart move and solid pick he could help out a not too bad line "plus remeber we do have free agency to pick up solid offensive line man as well"

7th round and final pick

pick 195 jeremy gallon WR

gallon is one of the most underrated wideouts in this draft he is quick he can catch is a solid player set receiving records at michigan and on top of that is the perfect slot receiver he is quick and can make great catches him gordon and watkins with cameron could make a very nasty youth-full receiving core and boost this offense...

in saying all that i have may said this was a solid mock draft and thesse players should be there for the taking personally im a die hard fan have been since i was born and with these players and the players there already that could be the pieces to get us into the playoffs and i think lot of you can and would agree!

This is a fan-created post. Dawgs By Nature assumes no responsibility for the content listed.

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