Day 2 QB Prospect

There are several interesting day 2 QB prospects in this draft. If for some reason the Browns do not draft a QB in round 1 or decide to add two QB prospects, a guy I hope they look at is Brett Smith of Wyoming. Smith is a junior & a three year starter. He listed at 6-3 205 & has a nice developmental skill set. He will definitely need to gain weight at the next level as well as get used to a pro style offense.

I'm not a scout by any means, but I do like to look for certain transferable skills when watching college QB's game cutups.

- Ball Placement

- Ability to step up in the pocket when under pressure

- Accurate throws in the 10-20 yard range

- Pocket Mobility (not the ability to scramble)

- Keeps eyes down field when pressured

- Willingness to throw in tight windows even if it leads to INT's

- Enough arm to threaten all areas of the field

- Positive reactions to adversity

- Toughness

Smith demonstrates these skills regularly while playing for a bad Wyoming squad. He is not a day 1 starter, but early in the process Smith has me intrigued. Dane Brugler had some interesting words regarding Smith after he declared for the draft.

Star-Tribune: Based on what you’ve seen, where do you think Smith falls among the quarterbacks that are expected to come out in this draft class?

Brugler: To me, Smith is a more controlled version of (2012 Heisman Trophy Winner) Johnny Manziel. So I'd much rather have Smith than Manziel and I can get Smith in the 2nd-3rd round while if you want Manziel, you need to take him top-15 because someone will take him that high. Smith is the first underclassman QB to declare so time will tell where he falls in the QB pecking order, but he'll be behind Teddy Bridgewater and a few others.

Star-Tribune: What do you think Smith’s strengths and weaknesses are heading to the next level?

Brugler: STRENGTHS: Average height and body type … better athlete than given credit – deceiving speed and runs like his hair is on fire … scans quickly and holds the ball as long as possible … recognizes soft spots in coverage pre-snap … extremely tough and gutsy … elusive in the pocket to avoid the rush … extremely quick feet and always appears under control.

I've also heard Smith described as intelligent, mature & hard working. Traits you love in a QB prospect. I'm firmly in the get Bridgewater camp, but if the Browns can't move up I think there are worse things then adding a QB like Smith.

Here is a game cutup against Nebraska.

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