Looking for some input here

I've been a Browns fan since I was a kid, I'm 43 now. The moves the Browns have made in free agency so far look good in my eyes, filling holes that we needed filled. Now the focus will start shifting to the draft coming up in May.

I, personally am not sold on Manziel or Bortles. Manziels lack of confidence staying in the pocket concerns me for multiple reasons.

  1. It puts alot of pressure on the O-line to sustain blocks longer.
  2. The players at this level defensively, are faster,bigger and stronger, which can lead to him getting injured much easier.
  3. His propensity to chuck it up, isn't going the work in the NFL.

Im not saying Manziel doesnt have attractive football qualities, he definitely is a playmaker, but am not sure that warrants a top 4 pick.

With Bortles, its not necessarily anything with his play style per se, but the comparison that people make to Ben Roethlisberger. As much as I hate those damn Steelers, the one thing I can say about Big Ben, is that he is clutch when they need him to be. We do not know that about Bortles. His size is nice for our division, but thats about it for me.

If I had a choice of a rookie QB, I like AJ McCarron from Alabama. He might not be a sexy pick like Manziel, but the one thing that can't be argued with, he is a proven winner. I've read comments online that it was the players around him that lead to Bama's championships and not as much him. I am inclined to disagree.

I am inclined to either take Watkins at 4 and worry about a QB later in the draft or trade back a few spots, while picking up some extra picks and then start drafting for BPA at that point. Those extra picks could come in handy to move from 26 up into the mid 1st round to get more players that can make an immediate impact. While I'm thinking about it, I really don't think that the Browns are going to make 10 picks this year. That seems like alot of rookies to bring into camp. I think they would be better served to use some of the picks to move up into rounds or in rounds to getter better players.

With the recent release of Ryan Fitzpatrick from the Titans, that's a guy who I think the Browns should target as their backup veteran QB, who can help mentor a rookie QB and give them some good play off the bench in case Hoyer was to get hurt. No, he hasn't lit the world on fire, but believe that hes been a pretty good backup who has come in and been able to run an offense solidly.

In conclusion, I think alot of us can agree, that this draft is vitally important to the shape that our Browns are going to take for years to come. Give your thoughts on what I've said here and what you think the direction the Browns are going to take in the draft.

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